Shiba Memu price forecast after presale extension

Shiba Memu price prediction as presale rakes in over $215k

Shiba Memu presale was extended for the second time, with the final date now December 30.
Interest in the project has been huge, with over $4.37 million raised so far.
The Shiba Memu price could rise sharply when the token launches on top exchanges next year.

Crypto traders and investors are sizing up the market for what could be defining opportunities in this bull cycle. Although the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin is expected to lead the new bull market, a few projects are emerging to challenge established altcoins for the breakout coin or token this cycle.

One of these could be Shiba Memu (SHMU), whose presale just got extended as demand pushed total investment raised to over $4.37 million.

What is Shiba Memu?

Shiba Memu seeks to become one of the top cryptocurrencies in the market when it launches next year. Per the project’s whitepaper, the new meme coin has integrated AI to create a marketing powerhouse.


In this case, Shiba Memu will have a 24/7 marketing approach, with natural language processing and predictive analytics part of the technology that will drive the AI dashboard. Other than publishing its own press releases and feeding these to relevant forums and social media platforms, the AI dashboard will continuously adjust to better its performance.

Token holders will also be able to engage with the AI dashboard directly, providing feedback and suggestions that the robotastic dashboard will act upon to the benefit of the network.

Shiba Memu presale extended

The Shiba Memu network is powered by SHMU, which, while it falls under the category of meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, comes equipped with key features like staking to add to the overall utility. Early bird investors have a chance to buy this token during its presale.

Although an earlier extension had the Shiba Memu presale penned for an October 31 close, demand from across the market has seen this now extended to December 30. It means SHMU will be available at the likely low prices of the sale offer for another 60 days.

An announcement from the team posted on X on October 31 notes that this wasn’t “just another extension,” but a “strategic move” aimed at positioning SHMU for potential listing on Tier 1 exchanges. It also allows the project to fortify its community, a crucial cog for any project.

Shiba Memu price prediction

The Shiba Memu whitepaper earmarks 85% of the total supply of 1 billion SHMU tokens for presale. At its launch, the token’s presale price was $0.011125, and has an innovative feature that sees a daily increase at 6 pm GMT. It means investors could see how long they had before the next price spike.

Currently, SHMU is priced at $0.039250 and is expected to hit $0.039475 in the next stage. This systematic approach to daily pricing will continue until December 30.

Analysts project the cryptocurrency’s price could then rise significantly when the token lists on major exchanges. For instance, this outlook could be strengthened if a tier 1 exchnage like Binance were to list SHMU – a move that has recently seen Memecoin (MEME) and Ordinals (ORDI) prices skyrocket. 

Notably, bullish forecasts for SHMU are based on several critical factors, including the AI narrative, expected crypto bull market and Shiba Memu’s innovative approach to meme coins.

A similar prospect for Shiba Memu could mean a spike above $0.1 after the tokens hit the secondary market. If it happens, the $0.5-$1.00 price range in the second half of 2024 might be possible.

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