Shiba Inu Team Member Shares Update On SHIB Eternity Game, TREAT Token


A recent update has revealed that the Shiba Inu team has been hard at work behind the scenes getting everything in place for the blockchain launch of SHIB Eternity, despite the recent downturn in the price of SHIB. According to a social media post by Lucie, a prominent member of Shiba Inu’s development team, the long-awaited blockchain version of the SHIB Eternity game is set to launch very soon. Another exciting update is the upcoming launch of TREAT tokens, which will play a big role in SHIB Eternity. Lucie is the marketing lead for Shiba Inu’s development team. 

What We Know So Far About SHIB Eternity

SHIB Eternity is a free-to-play collectible card game for mobile devices where users can play against other players using “unique Shiboshis.” The game has an in-game currency called Kibbles, which allows players to earn rewards in XP and more Kibbles as they win matches. SHIB Eternity has gained huge popularity among SHIB enthusiasts, and there are major plans to onboard the game onto the Shibarium platform. Although many details of the game haven’t been released yet, developers have given Shiba Inu community members a few clues about what to expect.

According to Lucie’s recent post on a social media platform, the highly anticipated blockchain version of the game will be very different. Lucie also noted that the game could help increase volume and transactions in the Shiba Inu ecosystem, potentially leading to significant SHIB burns. 

“Shiba Eternity is getting very, very close!” Lucie said.


A major feature of the SHIB Eternity game is the utility for TREAT, an upcoming token to be launched in the Shiba Inu ecosystem. Lucie noted that TREAT will play a significant role in SHIB Eternity and will probably serve the same role Kibbles serves in the current mobile version of the game. However, players will probably be able to use TREAT for in-game purchases, upgrades, customizations, and more.

Lucie also noted that the game will provide more utility for BONE, another Shiba Inu token. The BONE token is already used to pay gas fees on the Shibarium network, and the added utility means holders will also be able to shop on SHIB Eternity using BONE. This will probably include upgrades to Shiboshis, customizations, and purchases. 

Total cypto market cap currently at $2.3 trillion. Chart: TradingView

Shiboshis are NFTs that give users access to the SHIB Eternity gameplay. According to Lucie, users cannot play with other Shiboshis on the blockchain version of SHIB Eternity unless they own the real NFT Shiboshi or rent from holders. 

Current State Of SHIB

SHIB is currently trading at $0.00002069. A 4.30% decline in the past 24 hours has seen the price of SHIB extend its losses by 13.7% in the past seven days. Coincodex’s machine learning algorithm predicts this downturn will end very soon, and the price is expected to rise by 30% next week. This prediction comes amidst on-chain metrics revealing SHIB outflows from whale wallets on crypto exchanges.

Featured image from Melvin Fung, chart from TradingView

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