SEC to fully approve spot Ether ETFs by September as Society’s presale kicks off in four days

SEC to fully approve spot Ether ETFs by September as Society’s presale kicks off in four days

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The SEC chair has revealed that the regulator will fully approve spot Ether ETFs by September.
The Solciety presale launches in four days and will last for only 30 days.

SEC to fully approve spot Ether ETFs this summer

Gary Gensler, the chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission, has revealed that the applications to run ether spot ETFs should be finished this summer.

According to the SEC chair, spot Ether ETFs can start trading on approved exchanges once they are fully approved. Thanks to this latest development, spot Bitcoin and Ether ETFs would now be available to institutional investors. 


What is Solciety?

As the broader crypto ecosystem records progress and attracts more institutional investors, new projects continue to emerge, providing value to retail and institutional investors.

Meme coins have become attractive investment vehicles in the crypto space, providing utility to investors and users. While most meme coins are animal-themed, Solciety brings something different to the game.

Solciety is a new  PolitiFi meme that seeks to become the very first political party of degens. According to the development team, this meme coin is pegged to the only real-world currency: attention.

Solciety seeks to serve as a platform to spread the degen gospel across the Twitterverse. 

What Solciety intends to do

Per the development team, Solciety will offer the Meme Campaigner, a tool that allows users to create their own meme coins. The tool will also offer users over 200 traits, backgrounds, and fonts.

Furthermore, Meme Campaigner users can create and share memes on Twitter to earn points. Users will earn one point for every meme shared, the points will be collected and the top ten users will earn presale tokens.

The funds raised from the presale will also be geared towards developing new tools such as Solciety’s AR. The Augmented Reality tool will allow users to view their weird and wonderful meme creations layered over the real world.

In the first quarter of 2025, Solciety intends to launch its AI. The AI will facilitate natural language programming to autogenerate captions and translate memes into other languages.

Solciety tokenomics and presale info

The Solciety development team revealed that its presale would run for 30 days and have ten stages. Early investors will enjoy a heavily discounted price of $0.000963 in the first stage.

The SLCTY token’s price will increase every 72 hours, with early investors enjoying an astonishing 125% surge in price before the presale ends. 

Per their tokenomics, the presale offers 30% of the supply with 3 billion tokens available to early investors. 20% of the tokens have been allocated to marketing and 10% to community rewards and incentive programs. Finally, liquidity will account for 17%.

Is SLCTY a Solana-based meme coin you should consider?

It is no secret that Solana has become home to some of the leading meme coins in the world. Thanks to the blockchain’s transaction speed, security, and transparency, Solana is home to some of the crypto ecosystem’s leading meme coins and DeFi protocols.

Solciety is joining this rank and could be a memecoin investors pay close attention to. SLCTY is launching in a booming PolitiFi ecosystem and could record massive growth once it goes live on exchanges. Solciety is unique because it offers utility to users. By allowing users to create their meme tokens and share them on social media platforms, Solciety is promoting quality content creation and encouraging the Degen movement.

With the right level of adoption, SLCTY could become one of the leading meme coins on the Solana blockchain and beyond.

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