Samsung Galaxy S24 Unveils Live Translate for Seamless Multilingual Calls


Samsung introduces Live Translate on the Galaxy S24 series, enabling real-time translation during calls across various languages. This innovative feature, compatible with both Galaxy and non-Galaxy phones, is designed to break down language barriers, making communication more accessible and inclusive.

The launch of the Galaxy S24 series represents a huge step forward for Samsung, especially in terms of the revolutionary Live Translate function that it includes. This technological advancement, which is driven by artificial intelligence, is intended to alter the manner in which we interact by providing real-time translation during phone conversations. This will make it possible for individuals who speak various languages to understand one other without any delay.

During the debut of this function, it will be possible to allow discussions in thirteen different languages across seventeen different areas. Additionally, there is a promise that other languages will be added via future updates. In order for customers to use Live Translate, they must first enable the option within the settings of their smartphone. Once this is done, the service may then be enabled during conversations using the Samsung Phone app. In order to improve connectedness and comprehension among people all over the world, this seamless integration of technology is working toward that end.

The interoperability of the Live Translate feature on the Galaxy S24 with both Galaxy and non-Galaxy phones is what sets it different from other similar features. This indicates that users are able to participate in discussions with nearly anybody, regardless of the device they are using, and the chats may be translated. It does not matter whether the device in question is an iPhone, a Pixel, or any other brand; the function is universally applicable and provides translations in both voice and text on the screen of the device. Because the translations are performed on-device, they are powered by Samsung’s Gauss generative artificial intelligence model and proprietary processors. This ensures that there is little latency in comparison to cloud-based translation services, which often face delays.


Furthermore, there is a certain amount of conjecture that says Samsung intends to include this real-time translating technology into the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro. This would make it possible to have discussions that are translated face-to-face, which would further widen the breadth of the influence that this technology has on communication in daily life. Despite the fact that the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro are not anticipated to be available until later in the year, the excitement around this feature demonstrates Samsung’s dedication to removing barriers of language and enhancing the user experience via the use of artificial intelligence.

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