Ripple’s 80 Million XRP Shift Triggers Speculation Amid Price Downturn


Ripple’s XRP, once basking in the glow of last week’s gains, has plunged back into the doldrums as massive selloffs and whale movements ignite a storm of uncertainty. At the center of the turbulence lies a colossal 80 million XRP transfer by Ripple itself, sending shockwaves through the community and raising legal eyebrows.

The staggering transaction, valued at $46 million, saw the tokens discreetly whisked away to an undisclosed wallet, according to blockchain tracker Whale Alert. This sudden shift, coupled with another whale offloading 25.7 million XRP to Bitstamp, fueled fears of an imminent fire sale, potentially pushing the price further south.

Ripple’s XRP Sell-Off Sparks Regulatory Uncertainty

Ripple, currently holding only 46.34 million XRP after its recent offload, has sparked speculation with this bold move. Legal eagle Bill Morgan shed light on the potential implications, acknowledging that while selling XRP isn’t forbidden, the looming shadow of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) looms large.

Source: Whale Alert


While programmatic sales may not fall under investment contracts, Morgan highlighted the crucial question: should such sales be registered with the SEC? This legal grey area adds another layer of uncertainty to the already volatile picture.

The price action paints a bleak picture. After reaching a high of $0.6223 last week, XRP has tumbled below $0.58, clinging precariously to its position. Trading volume has slumped, and market capitalization has shrunk, offering little solace to anxious investors.

Despite the recent nosedive, a glimmer of hope remains. XRP still boasts 1-week gains of nearly 1%, a testament to its inherent resilience. Moreover, legal clarity regarding programmatic sales could be seen as a positive step by some, paving the way for future growth.

However, the road ahead remains shrouded in fog. With whale movements casting long shadows and the SEC hovering in the background, only time will tell whether XRP can weather this storm and reclaim its previous glory. Stay tuned for further developments in this ever-evolving saga.

XRPUSD currently trading at $0.57010 on the daily chart:

XRP Sparks Buzz: $255M Transfer Grabs Attention

In recent cryptocurrency developments, Ripple’s XRP has witnessed substantial transactional activity, with a notable transfer of 443 million XRP tokens, valued at around $255 million. The transaction, reported by Whale Alert, has attracted significant attention in the cryptocurrency community.

This follows closely after another substantial XRP movement, where nearly $15 billion worth of XRP (equivalent to about 25.6 billion tokens) changed hands, representing approximately 50% of XRP’s total circulating supply. This earlier transaction had raised concerns and questions within the crypto sphere.

Source: Whale Alert

Upon closer examination, the addresses involved in the $254.8 million transfer are believed to be associated with the European cryptocurrency exchange, Bitvavo. The sender’s address, activated just a week ago, aligns with Bitvavo’s operational patterns, and the recipient’s address is also speculated to be linked to the Amsterdam-based exchange.

These developments have added intrigue and speculation within the cryptocurrency community regarding the motives and implications of such significant XRP movements involving notable exchanges.

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