Pudgy Penguins Fly High with Unstoppable (Domains) Move

Pudgy Penguins Fly High with Unstoppable (Domains) Move

In a groundbreaking move, the celebrated NFT brand, Pudgy Penguins, has joined forces with Unstoppable Domains to roll out exclusive ‘.pudgy’ domain names.

Announced today in an X post, this partnership grants Pudgy Penguin owners the opportunity to acquire premier domain names featuring the .pudgy suffix, thus creating a direct connection to their valued NFTs.

Launching into this venture also sets the stage for immersive Web3 interactions, streamlining cryptocurrency transactions between domains and enabling the acquisition of utility badges.

Source: X (Pudgy Penguins)

Unstoppable Domains’ Pudgy Campaigns

In a bid to resonate with Pudgy Penguins owners, Unstoppable Domains has launched two novel campaigns: the ‘Pudgy Ambassador Program’ and the ‘Pudgy Storytelling Campaign‘.


The Ambassador Program seeks to identify and honor champions who lead the promotion of the .pudgy domain names, rewarding them with a distinct badge.

Concurrently, its Storytelling Campaign will encourage enthusiasts to create and spread Pudgy-related narratives across various digital platforms, with the incentive of awarding outstanding contributors with complimentary .pudgy domains each month.

Unstoppable Domains takes pride in its accessible domain name offerings that simplify the intricacies of managing digital identities throughout the Web3 ecosystem. With this new extension, the brand fortifies its portfolio by introducing .pudgy as its tenth top-level name.

Pudgy Penguins’ Notable Expansion

Pudgy Penguins has been on a roll this week, announcing the launch of 30 new toys with QR codes for exclusive features in the upcoming Pudgy World game, alongside expanding its presence into 1,100 additional Walmart stores just three days ago. 

Notably, Pudgy Penguin NFT holders, whose toys reflect their digital counterparts, stand to gain royalties facilitated by OverpassIP — a platform dedicated to easing licensing agreements, thereby enhancing the tangible benefits and utility for Pudgy Penguin NFT owners.

Pudgy’s creative tactics have elevated its NFT status, securing a nearly 20 ETH floor price and a $508 million market cap, ranking it third, just behind CryptoPunks and slightly below BAYC, which dons a floor price just 2 ETH greater, as reported by CoinGecko.

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Now, the NFT titan’s collaboration with Unstoppable Domains paves the way for a more interconnected and vibrant Web3 ecosystem, offering its community novel ways to engage, share, and benefit from its cute, charismatic penguin assets. 

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