Pro-XRP Lawyer Deaton ‘Seriously Considers’ Run Against Senator Warren

XRP lawyer Deaton vs Liz Warren US Senate

The rumor has been floating around for some time, but now there are growing indications that the popular pro-XRP lawyer John E. Deaton could be running for a seat in the US Senate in the state of Massachusetts against arguably the biggest enemy of crypto, Elizabeth Warren. This news, first broken by the Boston Globe and further discussed on social media, highlights a brewing political showdown that could have significant implications for the future of crypto regulation in the United States.

Run John, Run!

According to the Boston Globe, GOP insiders have confirmed that Deaton is taking a “serious look” at the race, with Jim Conroy, a noted Republican strategist, stating, “Deaton is seriously considering running as a Republican in this year’s US Senate race against Democrat Elizabeth Warren.” This move could introduce a candidate with a deep commitment to the crypto sector as a major challenger to Warren, who has been vocal about her concerns regarding digital currencies.

Deaton’s journey from a challenging childhood to his advocacy for cryptocurrency – as immortalized in his book “Food Stamp Warrior” – has been marked by significant achievements. A former US Marine and a lawyer with decades of experience, Deaton has been a formidable advocate for asbestos victims and, more recently, for the rights of cryptocurrency holders.

His involvement in the SEC vs. Ripple Labs case, where he represented XRP holders, underscores his belief in the need for balanced cryptocurrency regulation. Deaton has argued, “The industry needs to accept that good legislation and regulation is what is required, not no regulation.”


The potential Senate race has also seen interactions between Deaton and Fox Business journalist Eleanor Terrett, who hinted at Deaton’s political ambitions on X (formerly Twitter). Terrett articulated on X, “My spidey senses tell me there’s a battle brewing. John E Deaton says in his latest Crypto Law video: “I’m a marine, I’m going to go where the fight is needed the most.” And this Rhode Island lawyer has changed his address to Massachusetts…”

Deaton’s response to Terrett’s post added fuel to the speculation, as he outlined his deep connections to Massachusetts: “Not sure what you’re getting at Ellie (smiley), but for the record, in addition to living in Swansea Ma, I’ve been a Massachusetts lawyer for 23 years representing Massachusetts asbestos victims against corporations and insurance companies.”

He also added, “I’ve lived in Roxbury, East Boston, and Malden, and I graduated Law School at New England School of Law in Boston. I signed my enlistment papers for the USMC in Boston and was selected by the Marines to represent the Commonwealth of Massachusetts […] In addition to representing Massachusetts mesothelioma victims for over two decades, I represent 627 XRP holders in Massachusetts […] Coinbase customers in SEC vs. Coinbase.”

Pro-XRP Lawyer Could Stop Senator Warren

Deaton’s critique of Warren’s approach to cryptocurrency has been sharp. In recent statements, Deaton blasted Warren for doing “NOTHING to help reduce income inequality,” adding “Elizabeth Warren claims to be for reducing income inequality yet her answer to the problem is to ban the number one appreciating asset the world has ever seen [Bitcoin].”

The dialogue between Deaton and Warren, if he decides to run, could elevate the discourse around crypto regulation to a national stage. Deaton’s extensive legal background, personal story, and advocacy for crypto rights present a stark contrast to Warren’s regulatory crackdown and surveillance proposals, potentially framing the Senate race as a pivotal moment for the future of cryptocurrencies in the US regulatory framework.

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