Pink Moon Studios X AMA Session With BeInCrypto

Pink Moon Studios X AMA Session With BeInCrypto

Today we welcome the CEO of the Pink Moon Studios – Umberto Canessa Cerchi (Umberto | @Kryptomon).COMMUNITY: Here is how things will work. I’ll have 10 questions for Matt. After that, our guest will answer 5 top questions previously chosen.

BIC: Community! We’re getting ready for our AMA session with one cool game development studio! As usual, take a comfortable seat and follow our conversation in few minutes 🛋

Ok, so let’s start with the basics. As far as I know, Pink Moon Studios was founded by gamers. Tell us more about your team. Where are all you from? And why did you decide to start a game development studio?



Well that’s true and is indeed the main reason why we decided to start a game development studio, as gamers with web3 knowledge we immediately recognized the potential and the benefits of web3 tech applied to game. We saw the future and as gamers we loved that so we decided to build that future! Where are we? Well if I start with the list I probably won’t finish the list, we are a fully decentralized company so we are based all of the world, from Argentina to India, passing from Spain and Israel and so on 🙂 

BIC: Wow! You know, I like it – BeInCrypto is a fully decentralized company too! Umberto, I’ve always wondered who and how creates stories for games… and characters… 🤔 How long does it take to develop a game? Please tell us about the process!


Building a game it takes a lot of time, to give a some references, a causal slot mobile game can take between 3 to 5 years, so you can imagine how long it takes a core mmo game 😀 this is what we always told our community since the beginning, especially during the bullrun where you had projects promising amazing huge games delivered in one year time, that’s just not possible if you want to deliver a great game! The reason why is taking so much is not the “coding itself” coding is just the last piece, you have the game design process initially, then the game economy, then the art and asset creation, the ux / ui design, the narrative design, and only at the end you code. For example WoK has 8 different regions, each region has its own story and quest, currency it takes us around 2 months to complete just the narrative part of one region.


And what problems in the game industry does your studio solve with blockchain technology?


We believe the top 3 are:

Time monetization, the fact that, especially in MMO, you spend a lot of time playing making in game money, etc, but those are worthless outside the game, I mean you can’t go and buy a beer with the coins you get in a minecraft server for example.
Ownership, this is pretty straight forward, in games like WoW you’re not allowed to sell your character, maybe you spent years and now you can’t play anymore. Well you can’t sell it, and if you do and they catch you, BOOOM Banned!
Infra game operability, at Pink Moon Studio we have the ambitions of creating several game franchises, where all the assets are shared, so for example you Kryptomon NFT in KMON is monster, in a future farwest game it can become an horse, its still the same, but it change appearance and utility based on the franchise you play.

BIC: I know that you already launched two games – Genesis & Pink Moon. Now it’s the turn of the World of Kogaea. Tell us more about these games and what’s the difference between them? (+ to share the last trailer of WOK)


So World of Kogaea, is our flagship game, a full fledge MMORPG game based in the amazing 3d world of Kogaea, but well aware of the time it needs to build this game, and the challenges thare still here for web3 games (technology and user experience) we have decided to take a very pragmatic approach and so we also worked on KMON: Genesis, which is a more casual version of WoK, in Genesis players can take care of their kryptomon, make them stronger, earn weekly rewards, and battle against other players in our PvP Sit n’ Play tournament to earn more. In this way we are capable to build and validate the tech and ux that will be used in WoK.

BIC: I think we need to share your last trailer of WoK! 

Umberto, your slogan is “Monetize your time while having fun”. So I need to ask a question that interests our entire community: How can our members profit with your games? 😅


As of now on avg a good player can make around 20$ a week, top player can also goes up to 40$, and this is just by completing the weekly quests and grinding the PvE campaign, if we had the weekly Sit n Play included – players can earn even $100+ a week 🙂 but you need to be good at the game. Of course on top players can earn, by breed and selling kryptomons, rent their mon to other players – there’s a lot of way too monetize and there will be more!

BIC: GIF (applause) 

I also need to ask: what about the security? 👀


That’s of course a serious matter, for this reason we tend to not reinvent the wheel and work using well approved and secure standard, especially when we make updates to our smart contracts.

BIC: You’ve got your own token – $KMON. What’s its utility in the KMON ecosystem? 


I mean, probably is one the few token out there with full utility, in our ecosystem KMON is the only accepted currency. So even when u buy an item, an nft or enroll for a sit n play tournament, KMON is the only currency.

BIC: Ok. But these days different blockchain games are not as hyped as they were in the past. What do you think will be the main feature of your games that will help it live a long and happy life?


Being a solid and good game, this is the only thing that matter. I think we saw what happens when you are all Hype without solid foundations.

BIC: And the last question from me. What should we expect from Pink Moon Studios in the future?

Building and delivering, this is what we do. We’re releasing constant updates to our players. Ah and actually we have something very cool coming soon. The KMON Trading Card game, in October we will release the first ever web3 connect physical trading card game (yu-gi-ho / magic to give a reference) this is done in partnership with an EU leading company, and the cool aspect of it is that our players and NFT holders will also earn a passive income from that, since we will share the revenues we’ll make with them!

BIC: Great! Let’s move to the 5 best questions from our Community – the authors of them will get Kryptomon NFT valued at $49 each! 

1. At the moment, all tokens go down in price even with great partnerships, hype,marketing, and working products etc, So what the challenges doed have and the plan to make your Moon Pink Studios project strong popular? Are you see it as an opportunity while the current market decline?


I would say that one of the nice thing of Crypto is that it has pretty short lifecycle between bull and bear, this allow us to better understand what’s going on and what’s gonna happen in the future – and if we look at the previous bear market, we can see a very similar situation, most of the projects dying and very few survive – and those that survive tend to explode in the next bull run. So for this reason during these times we are avoiding burning money to generate hype while instead focusing more on saving resources and speed up our development so we will be in a better spot during the next bull run with less competition 🙂 so yes we see this as an opportunity actually 🙂

2.  My question is regarding the story challenge heroic mode, what are the plans to make this mode viable? Do we have any new items coming?


I recognize the user who asked this question 😀 Kelvin, as you know we are always working on adjusting the game balance and yes the hero mode is under re balance in order to make it more playable 🙂

3. Hello umberto, I am very interested in what you guys are doing regarding Kryptomon, World of Kogaea  to be honest, I know kryptomon through my colleague Jelly Fish in Indonesia hahahaha  made me interested about World of Kogaea, how the story, graphics, and adventure experience  so the question is how do you make this game market very big in the future? how much faith do you and your team have in the success of World of Kogaea? thank you 😁”


Jelly is one of our community OG! Great guy 🙂 This is a very good question, how much faith we do have on the success of WoK. I can say that we have a lot of faith, I won’t hide the fact that the current market conditions some times it make it harder to keep believing, but I tend to remember myself something I’ve learned from all the video games I always played “If the path you’re following it’s too easy, means you are on the wrong path, instead when you are on the right path, the enemies are stronger as you progress, you get more challenges, and more effort is required” and this proves me and the team we are on the right path

5. Hi Umberto. I’ll be straight forward and go to the basics. Can you explain to your community what the Lore is and its importance to create an environment for understanding the plot, the storyline? I’m curious to know how this Lore universe will be explored within the game. Thank you.


Absolutely! I mean the lore and narrative is everything – I mean if you planning to create a candy crash sort of game you don’t need it, but in our case the lore is one of the game foundation, it defines why things are the way they are in Kogaea, I think everyone has some favourite games, and those that remain in our heart forever are those that not only gave us plenty of fun time, but that gave us a beautiful story, that thanks to the lore helped us immerse in the world, cause at the end as gamers this is what we want, live other lifes in other worlds, and you cannot get that if the game has poor lore

5. As much as I love the card game idea why come out with it now during the bear market? Is this the right time? Additionally is this too early? Wouldn’t it be a better idea to wait for the game to become more main stream so people walking into stores see the cards and know what KMON cards are?


the way we look at it is kind of opposite, definitely soul this are great point and totally make sense, but here a bit the reasoning behind why now:

1) the KMON trading card is a licensed product so for us as 0 budget impact

2) the first release will run as test

3) the target audience is more towards a “kid” audience, so an audience that as of today is not part of our ecosystem, and is more a web2 product rather than a web3 product

4) this will give us “hopefully” a bigger brand exposure, so it’s the other way around, people entering in the stores, get intrigued by the card and then discover the game, in this way we are active on both side

5) just imagine what could be the impact of having this tcg being successful now during the bear, so then we scale up during the bull 🚀

BIC: Great! Umberto, thank you very much for your time and availability today!

It was a very interesting AMA for sure 😍


It was my pleasure 🙂 I missed to run AMAs 😀

Thank you for being such a good host 🙂

BIC: That’s it guys!

Chat is back 🚀


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