PEPE Killer on TON with 800% ROI. How to make money with the hidden gem of the TON ecosystem?

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In recent times, participants in the cryptocurrency market have witnessed skyrocket and extraordinary returns on the  DeFinder Capital ($DFC) token, positioning it as the standout performer on the TON blockchain and a potential ‘PEPE 2.0. As indicated by Coingecko on-chain analysis, investors who invested on 19 December 2023 when it was trading at $0.21 have a remarkable gain of 1000% within a month, solidifying DeFinder as a low-profile yet highly lucrative investment opportunity. 

The launch of the DFC add-on signals that the TON Foundation has challenged Ethereum, Solana and other blockchain industry “whales” working in this direction. In this in-depth review, we’ll analyze the fundamentals of DeFinder Capital, examining their DFC token, price performance and product offerings, whether it’s worth investing in now and what their goals are.

DFC Overview:

DeFinder Capital is the largest ecosystem of projects on the TON blockchain with over 100+ services on one platform. It has quickly evolved beyond being a token solely for community members, attracting investors from the wider market. In just six months, DFC has witnessed exponential growth, boasting 1000+ DFC DAO holders and achieving listings on major TON centralized exchanges (CEX), including MEXC, CMC, and Coingecko.

The DFC token’s price has surged over 3000% since listing, a testament to its popularity and demand. The project’s strategic partnerships, such as the one with DeLab, a TON software company, have expanded the DeFinder ecosystem. Key products include the DeWallet, DeFinder Capital Fund, Lineage server, and the first professional betting service on TON.


DFC Price Performance:


DeFinder Capital (DFC) has emerged as a standout performer with its current price of $2.39, showcasing a consistent upward trend with a 25.3% increase in the last 24 hours. 

The token has not only weathered market volatility but has also demonstrated resilience and significant growth, marked by a remarkable 33.4% surge over the past week. With a trading volume of $1,148,690 in the last 24 hours, DFC has garnered substantial market interest, indicating active participation from investors.

DFC token’s all-time high of $2.4, attained just two days ago, underscores its strong market sentiment and positive community outlook. Furthermore, DFC’s fully diluted valuation of $363,342,734 positions it as a noteworthy player in the cryptocurrency space, emphasizing its potential for continued growth. 

The arrows of the Tradingview indicators on the 15-minute timeframe have returned to the ‘buy’ position after some fluctuations. If we transfer them to a longer time frame, the forecast is also favorable. Most likely, if this pattern continues, we may see a price of $5 – $10 in the near future. That is why, we are bullish on DFC and wait for 2-3x on the current price.

As DFC gains traction on various exchanges, including MEXC, its robust performance and strategic positioning within the TON ecosystem make it an intriguing asset for investors seeking opportunities in the dynamic world of decentralized finance.

Is DFC a fundamental project? 


DeFinder’s success is not merely attributed to market trends but is grounded in solid fundamentals. Here’s a closer look at the key factors contributing to its success:

1. DAO Project on TAO:

DeFinder operates as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) on the TAO blockchain, emphasizing community-driven governance and decision-making.

2. Transparent Development:

With a commitment to transparency, DeFinder has established itself as a project with clear objectives and a concise roadmap. The team’s dedication to openness has resonated well with the community.

3. Listings on Major Tracking Sites:

 DeFinder can be easily tracked on major cryptocurrency tracking sites, including CoinMarketCap (CMC), CoinGecko, and Coinpedia Markets, providing investors with essential information and market insights.

4. Strategic Exchanges:

The token is listed on reputable exchanges, further enhancing its accessibility and liquidity. Investors can find DeFinder on exchanges such as MEXC, DeDust, and RocketX.

Why DFC’s Potential for Growth?


1. Strong team: DeFinder team (as well as the TON team) prefers to remain incognito. According to foreign insiders, the reason for anonymity is that a large team connected with Telegram is working on DFC, TON and Notcoin.  Foreign insiders who found a connection between NOTCOIN and DFC are already getting involved. It’s the one that organized the recent Notcoin hype and is seriously working on DFC. It is not hard to imagine what popularity they will be able to give to their projects, having a resource in the form of a messenger.

2. New Listings Soon: According to recent insiders, DFC will soon be listed on 2 top exchanges. Practice shows that listing on a new token exchange often contributes to its growth – new liquidity is filled, new buyers come and demand is created. This is why many projects become more expensive after listing. We expect the same for DFC.

3. Web3 Wallet and Airdrop Strategy: DeFinder’s Web3 wallet, with built-in token exchange services, channels 100% of transaction commissions to buy DFC tokens from the market. This strategy creates increased activity, particularly during airdrops, contributing to potential price spikes.

4. Betty Betting Service: The integration of DFC into Betty, the premier betting service on TON, adds another layer of demand for the token, fostering growth.

5. DFC Fund: DeFinder’s unique DFC fund, focused on ecosystem development, is unmatched in the market, enhancing the project’s reputation within the TON community and the broader crypto space.

ArrakenPlanet Game:

A noteworthy addition to the ecosystem is the ArrakenPlanet game, featuring a built-in DFC farming mechanism. Similar to Notcoin’s success, this game introduces a deflationary aspect to the DFC token. Players can compete, farm DFC tokens, and look forward to the release of NFT playable characters purchasable only with DFCs.

How to Play ArrakenPlanet Game:

1. Access the game through the @ArrakkenPlanet_bot on Telegram.

2. Engage in gameplay to farm DFC tokens.

3. Participate in the referral system.

4. Keep an eye out for the upcoming release of NFT playable characters purchasable with DFCs.

How to Track DeFinder:

For those keen on keeping a close eye on DeFinder’s performance, the token can be tracked on popular cryptocurrency tracking platforms like CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and Coinpedia Markets. Additionally, it is available on major exchanges such as Coinbase, Coinpaprika, LiveCoinWatch etc ensuring investors have easy access to real-time data and market trends.

How to Buy DFC Tokens:

Interested investors can purchase DFC tokens through 

Acquisition Of Ton Developer DELABS

New products in the ecosystem: 

? DeDonate – A secure cryptocurrency donation service.

? DeWallet – A convenient and fast cryptocurrency wallet.

? DeVPN – Fast VPN with TON payment.

? DeCoupons – Coupons platform based on smart contracts.

Bonus: How to get DFC tokens for free? DFC airdrop

DeFinder Capital also launched a $250,000 Zealy contest for the community. In the airdrop you can earn a maximum reward of $500 for completing the actions. Additionally, there is a special prize for the best referrers – an additional reward for users with top referrals (top 10 users up to $250). 

As it is written on the page, the team strongly recommends not to use AI and generic posts when doing YouTube videos and writing articles. As practice shows, projects are actively banned for such fulfillments and people lose the opportunity to get free tokens. That’s why we advise you to complete tasks with quality – the chance to get rewarded up to $500 is higher.

Every contestant needs:

To subscribe to all social channelsTo share Airdrop posts in social media (Copy to get the link and paste it on your tweet and shares). Participants who actively engage in social media channels, such as following official accounts, sharing, and retweeting eligible for the airdrop To write at least one article (even a short one) about DF Capital and airdrop (+ share your referral link)Create a DeWalletPerform at least 1 action in ArrakkenPlanet game

Participants will be able to claim their rewards following the Rewards Distribution Schedule, which will occur after 19 February 2024 (The date will be clarified). $DFC token will be distributed after checking the eligibility of participants and banning cheaters. 


At the moment, DF Capital is one of the most promising projects on TON. DeFinder’s unique approach, transparent governance, and a rapidly growing community coupled with its strong fundamentals make it a compelling opportunity for investors seeking exposure to the TON blockchain. In the long run, DFCs could be worth $10 or $50, and the catalyst for growth could be a listing on one of the major exchanges. As with any investment, individuals must conduct thorough research and due diligence before making decisions.

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