OpenAI in Advanced Funding Discussions Targeting Over $100 Billion Valuation


The innovative company OpenAI, which is responsible for the well known ChatGPT, is now in the preliminary phases of a potential game-changing fundraising round. Recent sources indicate that the corporation is now engaged in conversations to seek fresh money with a value of at least $100 billion. This represents a huge increase from the company’s previous valuation of $90 billion which was disclosed. This monumental financial move, if successful, could elevate OpenAI to become the second-most valuable startup in the United States, trailing only behind Elon Musk’s SpaceX, which is valued at $180 billion. Additionally, it would position OpenAI as the third most valuable privately-held company worldwide, behind ByteDance and SpaceX.

The possibility of forming a relationship with G42, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup located in Abu Dhabi, is an essential component of these conversations. Through this partnership, the company intends to enter the chip technology industry and compete with Nvidia, which is now the market leader. Specifically for this semiconductor business, the negotiations center on the possibility of financing between eight and ten billion dollars.

The significant increase in the value of OpenAI is a reflection of the increased enthusiasm around artificial intelligence, especially in the wake of the debut of ChatGPT. The majority of the company’s capital, which amounts to $13 billion, has come from Microsoft, which now maintains a 49% interest in the business. This quick value gain is a reflection of the artificial intelligence fever that was generated by ChatGPT. This frenzy has resulted in various improvements and breakthroughs in AI technology, with OpenAI being at the forefront of these developments.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that these conversations are still in their infant phases, despite the fact that the prognosis is positive. Due to the fact that the terms, value, and timing of the investment round have not yet been completed, there is a possibility that these aspects may be altered as the discussions continue. It is dependent on the result of these important debates as to how OpenAI will proceed in its efforts to shape the future of artificial intelligence technology.


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