OKX launches NFT Football Cup with $3 million in prizes

OKX launches NFT Football Cup with $3 million in prizes

OKX, among the world’s leading platforms for dApps, DeFi and GameFi, wants to make this year’s FIFA World Cup a memorable one for fans.

The OKX Football Cup, part of ‘The OKX Football Festival’, is giving millions of fans a chance to earn from a great prize pool as they support their favourite teams.

Simply, OKX is offering an NFT experience where one can enjoy the World Cup even more with free a NFT mint of their preffered team. With the free NFTs, its easier to predict  matches and stand a chance to win huge prizes. How does it work? 


Stake 0.01 ETH, mint and win great prizes

Football fans can win with OKX by predicting the winning teams in the group stage, the knockout rounds and the third-place match. To participate, you need to grab the free NFTs of your teams by connecting your wallet.

From here, it’s pretty simple for users to get their hands on the team NFTs by going to the OKX NFTs page and navigating to OKX Football Cup for a free mint. To get the other two free NFT mints, users need to use the OKX App. 

Notably, fans can mint all three team NFTs all at once on the app to save on gas fees. Alternatively, one can buy team NFTs on the OKX NFT Marketplace.

Each NFT mint requires users to stake 0.01 ETH, with up to 3 football teams mintable before the end of the group stages on 3 December.

20,000 USDT prize pool for the group round

The OKX Football Cup group stage matches begin on 21 November 2022 to 3 December 2022, with each match offering a fixed prize pool of 20,000 USDT. OKX adds 10 USDT for every NFT minted, thereby growing the prize pool.

Every day, just before a match begins, the OKX system will take a snapshot of NFT teams’ owners. 

NFT owners whose teams win the given match will share the $20k in USDT. However, if teams draw, the opposing sides will each have 10,000 USDT to be shared amongst NFT holders who backed the two teams.

Users will have the option of redeeming their full stakes at the end of the event.

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