NVIDIA Introduces Five New Free Technical Courses for Developers


With the rapid pace of technological innovation driven by artificial intelligence (AI), keeping skills up to date is crucial for developers. The NVIDIA Developer Program is now offering five new free technical courses, designed to provide training and resources essential for success in various industries, according to the NVIDIA Technical Blog.

Accelerating End-to-End Data Science Workflows

This course enables developers to build and execute end-to-end GPU-accelerated data science workflows. Utilizing RAPIDS accelerated data science libraries, participants will learn to apply GPU-accelerated machine learning algorithms and logistic regression for large-scale data analysis.

Implement GPU-accelerated data preparation and feature extraction using cuDF and Apache Arrow data frames.
Apply GPU-accelerated machine learning tasks using XGBoost and cuML algorithms.
Execute GPU-accelerated graph analysis with cuGraph.
Build data visualizations with cuXFilter.

RAPIDS Accelerator for Apache Spark

This course focuses on leveraging NVIDIA GPUs with Apache Spark to accelerate workloads and reduce costs.


Use Apache Spark and integrate RAPIDS Accelerator.
Run Spark CPU and GPU workloads to analyze performance gains.
Utilize the RAPIDS Accelerator toolset for job tuning and speed estimation.

Introduction to Transformer-Based Natural Language Processing

Transformers are fundamental to large language models (LLMs). This course covers their use in natural language processing (NLP) tasks such as text classification, named-entity recognition (NER), and question-answering.

Explain transformers and their role in LLMs for NLP.
Analyze and generate text-based data using transformers.
Leverage pretrained LLMs for various NLP tasks.

Prompt Engineering with Llama 2

Participants will learn to interact with and prompt engineer Llama 2 models to analyze documents and generate text.

Write precise prompts to align LLM behavior with intentions.
Guide LLMs with prompt engineering techniques.
Create chatbot behavior by incorporating prompt-response history.

Synthetic Data Generation for Training Computer Vision Models

This course uses Omniverse Replicator for synthetic data generation (SDG) to train computer vision models.

Write and perfect Replicator scripts in Omniverse.
Fine-tune pretrained models for object detection using PyTorch.
Export trained models to NVIDIA Triton Inference Server for testing.

The NVIDIA Developer Program provides developers with access to GPU-accelerated servers in the cloud, offering practical expertise through a blend of self-paced online courses and instructor-led workshops. The program also includes free access to advanced tools, software, and a dedicated community, enabling developers to keep pace with technological advancements in accelerated computing.

Community, Software Access, and More Benefits

The NVIDIA Developer Program supports technical practitioners with resources and community engagement at every stage of their journey with NVIDIA technologies. Benefits include:

Access to NVIDIA software, SDKs, APIs, libraries, and models.
Use of GPU-optimized software and containerized apps from NVIDIA NGC.
Personalized news updates on technological innovations.
Participation in early access programs for new NVIDIA technology.
Training options through NVIDIA Training and certification opportunities.
Community engagement through NVIDIA Developer forums and events.
Access to research papers, technical documentation, blog posts, and industry-specific resources.

Developers are encouraged to join the NVIDIA Developer Program to begin accessing these resources and connecting with experts and peers in the field.

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