Next Generation On-chain DEX Aggregator 3Route Launches on Tezos

Next Generation On-chain DEX Aggregator 3Route Launches on Tezos

Zug, Switzerland, 20th November, 2022, Chainwire

Powered by the Tezos blockchain, 3Route enables cost-efficient and secure swap transactions across multiple liquidity sources
3Route enables users to cut costs by utilizing most of the Tezos DEXes’ liquidity in one secure swap

3Route, a decentralized exchange protocol launches a next generation on-chain DEX aggregator powered by the energy-efficient blockchain, Tezos. The leading-edge automated routing engine atomically optimizes trades across multiple liquidity sources. 3Route is positioned to provide users with the best rates and low slippages without any service fees.


The 3Route algorithm identifies the best trading routes across more than 200 liquidity pools of Tezos supported DEXes including: Sirius DEX, QuipuSwap, Youves, Plenty, Vortex, SpicySwap, Ctez Swap and WTZ Swap.

The Protocol also splits the trade volume between several advantageous routes in order to deliver the most price-efficient option for user’s swap. At the same time the protocol doesn’t charge any additional fees. In practice it can save users up to 50% in costs, especially for high volume trades.

The 3Route protocol also implements smart contracts for execution of the swaps, so all the multiple liquidity sources are utilized via one atomic smart contract call. This allows users to gain the maximum probability of successful execution with minimal slippage.


About 3Route: 

The 3Route Protocol is a next generation DEXes aggregator built by Baking Bad that facilitates cost-efficient on-chain transactions across various DEXes in Tezos ecosystem.

About Baking Bad: 

Baking Bad is an independent Tezos blockchain development team focused on making Tezos available to the masses. Baking Bad seeks to provide tools for both developers and ordinary users. TzKT is one of the most popular explorers in the Tezos community. It has a convenient user interface and a developer-friendly blockchain API. Baking Bad’s DipDup is a framework for building selective indexers which allow developers to quickly create custom Dapp backends and APIs.


Senior Strategic Communications Manager, Jordan Wood, [email protected]

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