NEAR Foundation Announces 40% Workforce Reduction in Strategic Realignment


The NEAR Foundation has announced a reduction of its workforce by approximately 40%, impacting 35 team members across various departments, primarily marketing, business development, and community teams. This decision, as revealed in the Foundation’s latest update, comes as a part of a broader realignment strategy aimed at refining its focus on high-impact activities and further decentralizing the ecosystem.

Strategic Realignment and Workforce Reduction

The NEAR Foundation’s decision to reduce its team size is part of a calculated move to streamline operations. The move reflects a commitment to consolidating the Foundation’s efforts, focusing on a narrower set of activities that promise higher impact. This reduction is also in line with the Foundation’s long-term vision of decentralization, as the ecosystem matures and various nodes drive more activity across the network.

Impact on the NEAR Foundation Team


The workforce reduction will primarily affect the marketing, business development, and community teams. However, the NEAR Protocol Engineering Team at Pagoda will continue its operations unaffected. The Foundation has pledged support to the affected colleagues during this transitional period, aiding them in finding new opportunities within the NEAR ecosystem, the broader Web3 industry, or elsewhere.

NEAR Foundation’s Financial Health

Despite the workforce reduction, the NEAR Foundation’s treasury remains robust and well-managed. With over $285 million in fiat, 305 million NEAR tokens (worth over $1 billion), and $70 million in investments and loans, the Foundation is well-positioned to continue supporting the growth, development, and further decentralization of the NEAR Protocol and ecosystem.

Future Focus and Commitment

The NEAR Foundation reiterates its dedication to advancing key areas such as chain abstraction, user-owned AI, and mainstream adoption of the Open Web. This strategic shift is seen as a step towards more focused, efficient, and rapid progress in these areas.


The NEAR Foundation’s decision to reduce its workforce is a strategic move aimed at aligning the organization’s structure with its long-term objectives of decentralization and high-impact activities. While this decision brings a significant change, the Foundation’s strong financial standing and commitment to its vision of an Open Web suggest a continued positive trajectory for the NEAR ecosystem.

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