MetalCore Gears Up for $MCG Token Launch, Arriving June 28

MetalCore Gears Up for $MCG Token Launch, Arriving June 28

What is $MCG Token?

The $MCG token will function as the primary currency within MetalCore’s ecosystem and allows for customization of gameplay experiences. It is designed to facilitate transactions, reward player achievements, and support in-game economic activities.

In addition to $MCG, MetalCore includes three other primary currencies, each playing distinct roles in enhancing gameplay and player interaction—CREDITS, HYPERIUM and SHARDS.

CREDITS will function as a soft currency for player progression and earnable through gameplay, HYPERIUM will serve as a premium currency gained through burning NFTs or purchased and can be used to mint and upgrade NFTs, and SHARDS will serve as a semi-premium currency that players can purchase for crafting rare items and levelling up their account.

Key Features of $MCG Token

The introduction of $MCG brings several new features to the game:


Minting and Powerups: Players can use $MCG to purchase Hyperium or Shards, which can be used to mint game items into NFTs and upgrade themResource Access: The token allows players to access better resources and capabilities such hiring reinforcements to unlock new assetsConsumables and Repairs: $MCG can be used to purchase consumables and speed up repairsLeaderboard Rewards: Starting June 27, MetalCore will launch its Leaderboard Rewards System, with the top 1000 players winning a percentage of the monthly $MCG rewards pool

Source: MetalCore

Faucets and Sinks

In MetalCore, $MCG tokens can be procured through Faucets and spent through Sinks.

Faucets reward players with $MCG to encourage gameplay immersion whilst Sinks enable spending of $MCG, including trading for SHARDS to upgrade various in-game assets like weapons, vehicles, and blueprints.

$MCG Token Supply

MetalCore plans to distribute a total of 3 billion $MCG tokens, allocating them to various aspects of the ecosystem:

Ecosystem Fund: 409.1 million tokens (13.64%)Community: 1,125 million tokens (37.50%)Team: 414.9 million tokens (13.83%)Private Sale: 901 million tokens (30.03%)Liquidity: 90 million tokens (3%)Advisors: 60 million tokens (2%)

The game remains free-to-play, and anyone with a Beta Access Code can join without initial cost, and pre-registration for Closed Beta access is still open.

Alternatively, players can purchase a Founders Pack for guaranteed Beta access.

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