“Meowing America Great Again” – This new cat-meets-Trump PolitiFi memecoin launches today

“Meowing America Great Again” - This new cat-meets-Trump PolitiFi memecoin launches today

New MAGA Puss memecoin launches during intense US election campaign, which some analysts believe could continue to drive viral growth for tokens that tap into political narratives
New coin aims to follow in footsteps of $TRUMP and $TREMP, which recorded gains of 9,500% and 770% respectively
$PUSS also taps into cat meme narratives, which have pushed the $MOG memecoin to 8,000% gains and a $500 million market cap.

With the looming US election driving many PolitiFi memecoins to clock up remarkable gains, MAGA Puss ($PUSS) is a new politically-inspired Solana memecoin that aims to tap into these viral narratives in a bid to ‘meow America great again’. 

It launches on Pump.Fun today. 

The PolitiFi token, $TRUMP, recorded gains of 9,500% between January and June of this year, according to data from Coinmarketcap, while its Solana-based political cousin, $TREMP, rose by 770% in less than a month. 


$PUSS taps into the same political narrative – and combines it with the cat meme narrative that has been taking the memecoin space by storm recently.

The $POPCAT token has risen by over 2,600% since January, while $MOG has recorded an even more impressive 8,700% gain in the same timeframe. 

Launch Details

MAGA Puss is set to launch with 100% of its Liquidity Pool (LP) burned, ensuring stability and trust among investors. The token will be listed on Pump.Fun, a platform known for hosting some of the most promising memecoins. 

The LP event on June 26, 2024 marks the official start of MAGA Puss’s journey, aiming to attract a community of patriots who love both cats and Trump memes.

Why Solana?

The choice of the Solana blockchain is a strategic one. 

Known for its speed, reliability, and low transaction costs, Solana provides an ideal platform for a memecoin aiming for rapid adoption and viral growth. To quote the Maga Puss developers, “every good country-loving, god-fearing American can join the MAGA Puss journey, thanks to Solana’s accessible and efficient blockchain”.

So, should you ‘‘Grab ‘em by the $PUSS’’?

It’s certainly worth a punt, because MAGA Puss could see its growth trajectory driven by not one, but two dominant metanarratives at the very same time. It’s well positioned to capitalize on the political fervor of the upcoming US election, even as the viral popularity of cat memes could help it break through potential resistance levels. 

The judge who loosened Donald Trump’s gag order yesterday could also help push this memecoin higher, considering how much Donald Trump enjoys exercising that freedom of speech.

Given those tailwinds, a growing number of analysts are predicting that $PUSS could graduate from Pump.Fun on the first day of trading and reach a market cap of $500,000 in as little as two weeks.

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