MAGA and TREMP lead bounce ahead of Trump vs. Biden debate

MAGA and TREMP lead bounce ahead of Trump vs. Biden debate

MAGA Hat (MAGA) traded at $0.0003611, more than 20% up in the past 24 hours.
Donald Tremp (TREMP) was changing hands at $0.7933, more than 18% up over the sale time frame.
President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump will face off in the first debate on Thursday.

MAGA Hat (MAGA) and Donald Tremp (TREMP) are among the top gainers in the PolitiFi meme coins market today.

As well as Trump Mania (TMANIA), these meme coins have soared double digits each in the past 24 hours, outpacing the likes of Constitution DAO, TRUMP and BODEN.

MAGA and TREMP tokens soar

MAGA Hat currently trades around $0.0003611, about 20.5% in the past 24 hours and 49% this past week. Meanwhile, TREMP is changing hands around $0.7933, more than 18% in the past 24 hours and 13% over last week.


The gains are part of the overall bounce for PolitiFi tokens ahead of the US presidential candidate’s debate.

Anticipation around the event and the upcoming election has the sector poised for a possible explosion – with meme coins inspired by former president Donald Trump accounting for most of the top 10 political meme coins.

CoinGecko data in fact shows that there’s only one crypto meme coin on President Joe Biden in the top 10 of PolitiFi tokens as of writing – Jeo Boden (BODEN).

These tokens could collectively see some increased volatility in the week and after the first public debate set for June 27. Trump’s increased crypto-friendly stance contrasts sharply with the Biden administration’s approach over the past years.

Despite recent actions that suggest a crypto shift for the incumbent, including the rehiring of a former crypto advisor, it’s largely been Trump making headway as a crypto champion. The Republican party candidate’s campaign has received crypto donations, holds crypto and has pledged to “end Biden’s war on crypto.”

The televised debate will air on Thursday.

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