How to Stack More Cheap Bitcoin by Copying Top Traders on PrimeXBT

How to Stack More Cheap Bitcoin by Copying Top Traders on PrimeXBT

Bitcoin price is in a bear market, but the underlying fundamentals in cryptocurrency continue to grow. Eventually, the extreme bearish sentiment will shift to positive bullish price action once again.

In the meantime, the wisest investors and traders view the recent downtrend not as a challenge but as an opportunity to load up on cheap BTC for when the tides turn.

In addition to buying the dip in crypto and trading to increase your capital, copy trading at PrimeXBT can be an excellent way to stack more Bitcoin while prices are low.

Smart investors know Bitcoin is on fire sale

Although the crypto market is dark, it won’t be very long. Intelligent investors know markets are cyclical, and when prices are at extremes coinciding with the sentiment, it is often the turning point.


Fear is a powerful emotion, and only the boldest are buying the dip in crypto. More cautious traders are trading the volatility at lows, taking profit whenever possible to secure gains and keep capital growing. 

Bitcoin price is back at 2017 levels, offering investors a time machine to reap the benefits of Bitcoin they missed on the way up. Investing $1,000 into Bitcoin when it was priced at $50,000 bought 0.02 BTC, while today, $1,000 gets you nearly three times that amount in BTC. Stacking more BTC with less cash is now possible for the first time in years.

Dipping toes back into crypto waters

PrimeXBT is the perfect platform for easing back into the cryptocurrency market after the long crypto winter. After registering for a free account, it is possible to fund an account using crypto or buying BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, and other popular cryptocurrencies with a debit or credit card. Once the account is funded, assets can be held for the long term in a secure cryptocurrency wallet or used as collateral to trade more than 100 different trading instruments. 

Using the power of long and short positions with leverage, crypto traders can hedge risk and stay nimble while the market is volatile and new lows are possible.

Base collateral can be traded using stablecoins like USDT and USDC to avoid the impact of drawdowns on capital levels, then later converted into BTC to increase your stack. Alternatively, you can keep your trading account denominated in BTC to focus solely on building your Bitcoin holdings for the next bull market.

Look beyond buying and trading for returns

Those are the most prominent methods of stacking more BTC during the bear market, while prices are still this cheap. However, copy trading on PrimeXBT is a passive way to earn Bitcoin from copying top traders on the award-winning trading platform.

A unique competitive differentiator offered at PrimeXBT includes the Covesting copy trading module – where traders can become strategy managers and investors can become followers.

Followers can use the system to copy the trades of the strategies they follow automatically. The advantages of copy trading involve allowing others to do the hard work and handle market volatility while still staying exposed to profit potential by investing in more skilled or experienced traders.

Top traders in the copy trading leaderboards boast between 1,000 and 4,000% ROI on the high end, which anyone can follow using cryptocurrency-based collateral. 

How copy trading can increase your stack

Following BTC-denominated copy trading accounts ensures that all earnings are generated in BTC, building your sats while you invest passively in top-ranked traders.

Followers get access to a plethora of risk protection tools, allowing them to take profit or set stop loss levels and avoid unwanted drawdowns. It is also possible to follow more than one strategy simultaneously, spreading risk and opportunity around further.

PrimeXBT strategy managers are able to trade today’s hottest global financial markets, including crypto, commodities, stock indices, and forex currencies.

Additional products and services offered alongside margin trading and copy trading include an educational website, weekly trading competitions, yield accounts, and an award-winning mobile application.

Boost BTC holdings by following PrimeXBT copy traders

With Bitcoin prices lower than they have been in years, don’t freak out – follow your way to more BTC by copying top traders at PrimeXBT. The minimum investment level is small and reasonable, yet the benefits are enormous.

Cryptocurrencies won’t be this cheap for long, so check out Covesting copy trading at PrimeXBT, and don’t miss your chance to build your stack by leveraging the profitability of more skilled traders from around the world.


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