Google Bard endorses Arbitrum, Rebel Satoshi, and Filecoin as top tokens for 2024

Google Bard endorses Arbitrum, Rebel Satoshi, and Filecoin as top tokens for 2024

Despite tokenomic issues and reliance on Ethereum, Arbitrum has the potential to be a dominant layer-2 network.
Filecoin continues to be the go-to decentralized file storage platform.
Rebel Satoshi prepares to blaze a trail as the first rebel-themed meme coin.

While most think of ‘ChatGPT’ when the AI chatbot topic arises, Google Bard is an increasingly popular name. These chatbots have many capabilities, one being to provide endorsements on top crypto coins.

The considerable names include Arbitrum (ARB), the new meme coin Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ), and Filecoin (FIL). But which option offers the most bang for one’s buck?

Arbitrum remains an excellent Ethereum layer-2 solution

Among the best altcoins to buy for Ethereum layer-2 (L2) solutions is the relatively young Arbitrum. Users have lauded Arbitrum as being faster and cheaper than its competitors like Avalanche and Polygon.


Avalanche has performed exceedingly well when looking at the platform’s statistics. Total value locked (TVL) is the best-performing metric in this regard, a key factor for DeFi companies. Arbitrum’s TVL is worth $2.62 billion, 2.5x higher than the same time last year. 

The main concern for investors is that Arbitrum will release millions of ARB in several token unlocks over time. Finally, Arbitrum is still confronted with the same disadvantage as other L2s – a reliance on Ethereum’s activity.

Regardless, Arbitrum has potential technology and price-wise. Speaking of the latter, ARB is worth $2.24, near its yearly high of $2.42. It could surpass $3.50 by 2025, based on many forecasts.

Rebel Satoshi is next in this comparative review and may prove the best crypto investment.

Rebel Satoshi set to be the first Rebel-themed meme coin

The meme coin market is transitioning away from Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) like references. Rebel Satoshi introduces the first rebel-themed meme coin inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto and Guy Fawkes. The project plans to embody its defiant spirit to take on centralized financial systems and advocate for decentralized finance. 

Aside from these revolutionary ambitions, Rebel Satoshi adheres to what is expected of other meme coins: community-building and amusement. Members will realize the power of building a tight-knit collective through virtual gatherings and interactive quests.

Rebel Satoshi plans to reach $100 million in market cap. The project is on track, judging by the presale of its utility token $RBLZ, which has raised over $1.5 million. $RBLZ offers enticing perks like passive income from staking and entry into the Rebel NFT Vault, where users trade almost 10,000 Rebel Satoshi-branded digital art characters and collectibles.

The token is worth $0.022 during the last presale stage (Monarchs Round 4), 120% higher than its price in the first round from November 2023. Thus, it’s only a matter of time before Rebel Satoshi officially launches. $RBLZ will be worth $0.025, with expectations of a value surge once it’s listed on multiple exchanges.

Finally, let’s cover Filecoin, which may suit non-alternative crypto investors.

Filecoin’s dominance in decentralized file storage networks

First-mover advantage is a powerful element when looking at the best crypto to invest in. Even with competitors like Arweave, Siacoin, and Storj, Filecoin reigns supreme. It boasts the number one market cap in decentralized file storage at $2.9 billion, 4.96x higher than Arweave. 

Competitive changes experienced by Filecoin in 2023 include Bitmain’s launch of a powerful ASIC-based mining machine and the Filstation desktop mining app. Still, the most noteworthy is the Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM). The FVM has made Filecoin a programmable blockchain, attracting higher inflows and increasing the platform’s revenue.

Despite these positives, the regulatory status of Filecoin remains questionable, especially with the Securities and Exchange Commission flagging the project. Otherwise, Filecoin should continue to thrive. While FIL is down 25% from $8.11 (the 2024 high) to $6.06, forecasts suggest it could hit at least $15 by 2025.

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram.

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