G20 Finance Leaders Release Joint Communique Adopting Crypto Regulation Roadmap

G20 Finance Leaders Release Joint Communique Adopting Crypto Regulation Roadmap

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G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors have issued a joint communique in Marrakech, Morocco announcing unanimous adoption of a comprehensive roadmap aimed at regulating crypto assets. 

The joint communique was released during the fourth and final G20 FMCB meeting under India’s presidency. 

The roadmap seeks to enhance global financial stability and ensure that cryptocurrencies are effectively managed within the bounds of the international economic framework.

The crypto asset roadmap that is agreed upon is based on the synthesis paper that was unveiled in Delhi last month, serving as the blueprint for what is now officially recognized as the G20 Roadmap on Crypto Assets. 


Crypto Roadmap Receives Full Consensus by G20 Nations

Indian finance ministry tweeted:

“In the spirit of #OneEarthOneFamilyOneFuture and following full consensus by the G20 members, the fourth G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors communique was adopted today in #Marrakech, Morocco,”  

In its joint statement, the FMCBG calls for the expeditious and coordinated implementation of the G20 Roadmap for crypto assets. 

This multifaceted roadmap encompasses policy frameworks, outreach initiatives extending beyond G20 jurisdictions, global coordination, cooperation, and the sharing of essential information. 

Addressing existing data gaps in the crypto market is also a primary objective of the framework. 

This concerted effort is envisioned to underpin macroeconomic and financial stability while facilitating the effective and flexible implementation of the comprehensive crypto asset policy framework.

Crypto Asset Roadmap Calls for Unequivocal Tax Treatment

As per the press note, the FMCBG communique, in line with the G20 New Delhi Leaders Declaration, highlights the necessity of an unequivocal tax treatment for crypto assets. 

Countries are advised to safeguard their monetary sovereignty, with the report emphasizing that an outright ban is not a straightforward solution. 

Temporary restrictions are urged not to replace robust macroeconomic policies, which remain fundamental to addressing the challenges posed by crypto assets.

Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors’ statement also asks that the International Monetary Fund and the Financial Stability Board provide regular and structured updates on the progress of the G20 Roadmap on Crypto Assets. 

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