Florida Resident Found Guilty in Series of Digital Currency-Related Home Invasions

Florida Resident Found Guilty in Series of Crypto-Related Home

In a notable legal development involving crypto, Remy St. Felix, a 24-year-old from West Palm Beach, Florida, was recently convicted by a federal jury in Greensboro, North Carolina, for orchestrating a series of violent home invasions targeting crypto owners in states, including North Carolina, Florida, Texas, and New York.

This case sheds light on a growing criminal trend where digital asset holders are directly attacked in their homes, reflecting the increasing intersection of traditional crime with the crypto market.

Detailed Investigation Leads to Conviction

St. Felix, who faced multiple charges, including conspiracy, kidnapping, and Hobbs Act robbery, was found guilty of utilizing extreme measures to extract crypto assets from his victims forcibly.

The trial brought to the forefront the harsh realities faced by victims who endured not only the theft of their digital currencies but also physical violence and intimidation. According to the trial evidence presented in April 2023, St Felix, along with an accomplice, broke into a victim’s residence.


Inside, they assaulted a victim, restrained them with zip ties, and held them at gunpoint. During this time, St Felix and his accomplice threatened further harm to the victim and their spouse as other collaborators transferred over $150,000 in cryptocurrency from the victim’s account.

US Attorney Sandra J. Hairston for the Middle District of North Carolina noted:

The victims in this case suffered a horrible, painful experience that no citizen should have to endure. The defendant and his co-conspirators acted purely out of greed and callously terrorized those they targeted.

Notably, the successful conviction of St. Felix was the culmination of a “detailed and extensive” investigation led by the FBI’s Charlotte Field Office, with cooperation from various other field offices and local police departments, according to the report.

Investigators utilized advanced forensic techniques to trace the encrypted communications and money-laundering tactics that St. Felix and his accomplices employed. Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Nicole M. Argentieri, head of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, stated:

St Felix and his co-conspirators targeted victims across the United States for brutal home invasions, kidnappings, and robberies in order to steal cryptocurrency. Although the members of this violent conspiracy tried to cover their tracks through encrypted communication and anonymous financial transactions, they were not beyond the reach of our dedicated investigators and prosecutors.

Darkside Of Crypto

Meanwhile, this conviction occurs against the increasing use of cryptocurrencies in various illegal activities.

A recent report from the US Department of the Treasury has highlighted a surge in the use of cryptocurrencies in crimes such as human trafficking and sexual exploitation, with over $412 million involved in such cases reported over two years.

These reports demonstrate the dark side of digital currencies and emphasize the need for stricter regulatory frameworks and enhanced surveillance mechanisms to combat cryptocurrency-related crimes.

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