Eligible Wallets Yet to Claim in SOL Largest Airdrop

Largest Solana Airdrop: 54% of Eligible Wallets Yet to Claim JUP tokens

Jupiter Exchange (JUP) airdrop this week, considered one of the largest in Solana’s (SOL) history, is yet to see more than half of eligible wallets have not yet claimed their Jupiter (JUP) tokens.

According to on-chain analyst Tom Wan there are approximately 378 million unclaimed JUP tokens.

Major Solana (SOL) Airdrop: Less Than Half Claim JUP Tokens

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Wan highlighted that over 440,000 wallets have claimed around 622 million Jupiter tokens since the launch, amounting to approximately $3.6 billion in value.

However, what was interesting was he pointed out that the majority of claimers received less than 1,000 JUP tokens.

Airdrop Holding Breakdown by jhackworth. Source: Tom Wan/X

Meanwhile, most of the wallets holding less than 1,000 opted to sell, with 72% reportedly doing so.

“72% of the claimers that received <1000 JUP are no longer holding it. The most loyal group of recipients are the wallets that received 50k-100k JUP.”

Yet, crypto analyst Miles Deutscher contends that there is an underestimation of JUP airdrops. This is attributed to the modest allocation in the initial round.

“However, people are underestimating the size of future $JUP airdrops, as only 10% has been allocated during this first round.”

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Analyst Anticipates Additional JUP Airdrops in the Future

Deutscher predicts that JUP tokens worth $1.5 billion are yet to be distributed in upcoming airdrops. Additionally, three more airdrops are still on the horizon.

Meanwhile, BeInCrypto recently reported that JUP witnessed an over 70% price clash. This happened barely 24 hours after its JUP token airdrop to early adopters.

Whether the price of JUP will regain the bullish momentum that sent it above the $1 mark shortly after the airdrop remains to be seen.

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On January 31, BeInCrypto reported that influential X user, Rekt Fencer, aims to benefit from several blockchain ecosystems that promise to yield over “100 airdrops worth more than $1 million this year.”

For the Celestia ecosystem, Fencer suggested staking TIA through the Keplr Wallet and on MilkyWay, with a minimum stake of 2 TIA. Fencer states that this leverages Celestia’s network growth.


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