Dogecoin Founder Denies Ties To Abandoned Crypto Project From 2013


Dogecoin founder Billy Markus has found himself in the middle of another controversy as crypto developers dig up a project that was abandoned 10 years ago. The project which was titled BELLS was Markus’s brainchild before the idea for Dogecoin was born. However, he had abandoned the project and had not said anything about it until now.

The Resurrection Of BELLS Blockchain

Adam McBride took to X (formerly Twitter) last week to share a recent find that was connected to one of the Dogecoin founders, Bill Markus. According to McBride, the BELLS token was founded by Markus in 2013 but was abandoned. Following the 10th anniversary of DOGE when Markus talked about the beginning of Dogecoin, the crypto enthusiast had gone hunting for Markus’s other crypto project and they found it.

McBride, in cahoots with another crypto enthusiast, was able to dig up information about the BELLS blockchain which died in 2014, as well as a fork of the blockchain and an Ethereum version. But even after all of this, it did not end there.

McBride would then bring his findings to developer Luke Wrightmain who would eventually get the blockchain up and running again. Mining was kickstarted once more on BELLS and miners could get BEL tokens for their efforts.


However, users were warned that the code which is 10 years old could not be completely safe and do not mine with their main machines. Nevertheless, the cryptocurrency has garnered a lot of support and has managed to draw the attention of Markus.

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Dogecoin Founder Denies Ties To Revived Project

On Monday, X user CryptoKaduna took to the platform to share the BELLS project with their over 110,000 followers. In the tweet which does not directly mention BELLS, Kaduna alludes to the fact that it was a relaunched coin founded by Markus, adding that the Dogecoin founder had joined the project’s Discord to help the project.

However, Markus would take to X to clarify that he is not involved in the revived project in any way. He explains that the original tweet was misleading, and while he did join the project’s Discord, he only did so “to see what was going on and to provide a little color / warnings about the tech.” According to the founder, the tech behind the project is very old and people should know what they are getting to.

The Dogecoin founder also reiterated his previous stance that he does not plan to be a developer on any crypto project ever again. “I’m never going to dev on any crypto project ever again, and I’ve made that extremely clear thousands of times,” Markus concluded.

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