DCG settles Genesis Debt, Memeinator’s token presale takes centre stage

DCG settles Genesis Debt, Memeinator's token presale takes centre stage

Digital Currency Group (DCG) settles Genesis debt.
Besides settling Genesis’s debt, DCG has repaid a total of $1B to its creditors.
Memeinator’s MMTR token presale has raised $3.2M in its eleventh stage.

Digital Currency Group (DCG) has achieved a significant financial milestone by fully clearing its short-term debt, including the debt it owed the bankrupt Genesis subsidiary.

Simultaneously, the crypto space is buzzing about Memeinator and its MMTR token presale, aiming to capitalize on the meme coin mania.

DCG settles Genesis debt

The short-term debts resolved by Digital Currency Group included a substantial repayment of $1 billion to creditors and a staggering $700 million directed towards Genesis. This strategic move ensures stability for DCG amid ongoing bankruptcy proceedings and underscores the company’s commitment to responsible fiscal management.


The debt settlement follows a lawsuit initiated by Genesis in September, seeking the recovery of an outstanding loan balance exceeding $610 million. DCG’s commitment to debt repayment, highlighted in a strategic agreement reached in August, reflects its determination to honour financial obligations.

Crucially, the agreement safeguards Genesis under DCG’s tax consolidated group, offering protection and potential tax benefits. This protection could prove instrumental, allowing Genesis to offset losses against future profits and potentially retain benefits on Net Operating Losses (NOLs) amounting to $700 million.

Notably, after the $700 million repayment, the remaining loan balance is scheduled for repayment to Genesis by April 1, as approved in federal bankruptcy court.

Despite uncertainties in the aftermath of the cryptocurrency market crash, both DCG and Genesis express optimism about the future.

DCG CEO Barry Silbert, while showing his excitement about the recent settlement in a tweet stated that he is  “excited about the industry’s next chapter and DCG’s leadership role in it.”

Memeinator’s MMTR token presale

While DCG hands the bankrupt Genesis a lifeline with the $700 million loan repayment, Memeinator, a rising player in the crypto space, is making waves with its ongoing MMTR token presale. Investors are flocking to the crypto project and the presale has already raised an impressive $3,065,084 out of the targeted $3,200,431 in Stage 11.

Positioned as the “hottest meme coin on the market,” Memeinator aims to dominate the meme coin landscape with innovative product launches, including the Memescanner and the Memeinator Game.

The MMTR token envisioned as a staple among top-tier meme coins, promises genuine utility, offering access and perks in revolutionary products. Memeinator’s roadmap outlines strategic phases, from initial calibration and launching on popular exchanges to the eventual goal of meme domination. The tokenomics section delineates the allocation of funds to presale, marketing, development, exchange liquidity provision, and a competition pool, ensuring transparency in Memeinator’s financial strategy.


DCG’s successful debt resolution and Memeinator’s MMTR token presale mark dynamic developments in the cryptocurrency landscape.

DCG’s commitment to fiscal responsibility and Genesis’ protection under a tax agreement set the stage for a resilient future. Simultaneously, Memeinator’s innovative approach to meme coin dominance demonstrates the industry’s constant evolution. As these narratives unfold, the crypto community eagerly awaits the next chapters in the stories of DCG and Memeinator.

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