Crypto Enthusiast Are Using AlgosOne to Trade for Them. What Is It They Know?

AlgosOne Can Help Investors Trade Better With the Bitcoin ETF Induced Volatility

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The artificial intelligence train is picking up speed and more and more traders are exploring the power of artificial intelligence in trading. AI has evolved at a remarkable rate, transforming how every aspect of trading is done. 

To date, only institutional investors and professional crypto traders have had the resources to exploit state-of-the-art AI-based trading tools, due to the high costs, coding requirements and experience required for programming effective automated strategies. Now AI solutions have become available for the wide trading audience. launched at the end of 2023, and it is using the most advanced, next-generation deep learning technology. It has rapidly gained popularity with hedge funds and investment firms,  but  is also being offered completely free to regular, amateur retail investors.


Since it requires no coding, no  strategy creation, research or risk management from the user, handling everything automatically, it is making the next generation of AI trading tools accessible to anyone who has a couple of hundred dollars to trade. 

AlgosOne meets the needs of every type of investor from retail traders, putting aside a little spare cash, to professionals managing millions of other people’s money each day. But, what do the  crypto professionals demand from an algorithmic trading solution and how does AlgosOne measure up?

Full Automation 

Experienced crypto traders appreciate the time and cost savings that come from letting an AI algorithm do the grunt work, processing data, analyzing it and performing transactions at lightning-fast speeds.

 Another critical feature of advanced AI algorithms is their ability to enter and exit trades with precision timing. This is essential when considering the wild swings characteristic of the volatile crypto markets In this respect AlgosOne is multiple steps ahead of its closest competitors 

AlgosOne uses its combination of proprietary next-generation deep neural network algorithms  and large language models to process huge datasets, scanning a vast array of data sources, identify trade opportunities, mitigate risk and execute a massive volume of trades per second, with pinpoint accuracy. 

Diverse Datapoints

An AI algorithm is only as good as the data it absorbs. It doesn’t matter how fast the AI processes the data  if it is flawed, limited in scope or low quality. Institutional investors demand millions of high quality datapoints from a wide range of sources. The AI must be able to discern quality and reliability and integrate the various data streams effectively.

Trained on a vast amount of data, AlgosOne is also receiving a wealth of up-to-the-minute information in every language from a huge range of trusted alternative and traditional  sources.

This includes everything from historical price and volume data, global economic news, search trends, crowd wisdom platforms, order book data,  social media sentiment analysis, and  blockchain analytics, to technical indicators, regulatory announcements  financial news, decentralized finance (DeFi) metrics like staking data, liquidity pool sizes, and lending rates and more. 

AlgosOne’s machine learning algorithms are learning from this incredible volume of data, as well as from each of the thousands of orders it places each day, to constantly improve its decision making capabilities and to enter and exit trades at the optimal time.

Multi-Market Trading

The exceptional volatility of coins like Bitcoin, Bonk, Chainlink and  Solana make a diversified portfolio vital for any professional crypto trader, as it is a valuable means of spreading risk across multiple markets and exploiting a wider array of trading opportunities.

Here too, the AlgosOne’salgorithm doesn’t just trade a broad selection of digital assets, but also trades multiple additional asset-classes, including stocks, commodities, forex, indices and bonds.

Minimized Downside

Crypto experts are always looking to minimize downside and mitigate the drawdowns in a bear market and they will demand sophisticated risk management tools and protocols to achieve these goals, particularly in the high-risk crypto space. 

AlgosOne implements a broad array of risk management protocols including hedging, stops and limits as well as caps on the percentage of the total balance that can be allocated to any one trade. What makes it stand out from the crowd however, is the way that the bleeding-edge  deep learning algorithm is constantly refining its risk parameters, as it adapts to shifting market conditions, expands its knowledge base and learns from its experiences.

In addition, risk management teams are monitoring the algorithms and the financial markets around the clock, with the authority to intervene if necessary, to provide the extra safeguard of human oversight.

Whether dealing with other people’s money or their own, crypto experts need to be able to trust in the reliability and integrity of the technology they are using. More than with any other financial sector, crypto is under-regulated, meaning investors often have little to no recourse in the case of hacks, fraud or company collapse.  Moreover, with AI trading systems transparency is often an issue as it is not always clear how the technology works, what trades are being placed and how successful they are. 

AlgosOne offers institutional-grade security. It  is a registered company that is licensed to provide financial services, including cryptocurrency trading, and is required to comply with strict regulations. These include the segregation of user and company funds, SSL encryption , cold wallet storage and a reserve fund that provides full coverage for user balances, in case user funds are compromised.

AlgosOne is also an open book in terms of all trading activity. Users can go to their dashboard ato see a complete history including details of all the trades made on their behalf, and their outcomes. They can also view the current balance of the AlgosOne Reserve Fund, as well as the platform’s  trade success ratio. 

A High Win Ratio

One of the parameters to be evaluated by pro traders is the win ratio as an indicator of the profitability of the tool.performance.

The AlgosOne currently has a proven  trade success rate of over 80%. Moreover, as more users join the platform, the AI makes more trades and ingest volumes of additional data, therefore the performance and win ratio indicator demonstrate  improvement overtime.

Why AlgosOne Is Not Just for Crypto Experts

Anyone Can Use It 

The primary reason why AlgosOne is so popular with retail traders is that it does not require prior knowledge of the markets, programming capabilities or a large capital investment.

The user doesn’t need to learn how to read price charts or perform technical analysis, spend multiple hours a day glued to a screen tracking price movements or learn how to formulate and code their own strategies. They sign up, make a deposit, which can be as low as $300, and that’s it.

The algorithm processes and assesses a ton of diverse data sources, identifies trade opportunities, selects the asset, risk parameters, trade size, direction, and timing for entry and exit.

The user can track the trades that have been made on their behalf in the dashboard, at any time and view the growth of their balance.

For some trades, a notification will be sent to the user with the trade details and a confirmation button. These are called 1-click trades because all the user needs to do is click the APPROVE button in the message and the trade will be executed. 

A Low Cost Solution

Another major plus for retail traders using AlgosOne is that use of the AI is completely free. There is no subscription fee for the software and there are no transaction fees eating into profits. The single expense is a commission fee, which is only charged on winning trades and not on losing positions.

The revenue from commissions goes, in part towards running the platform, paying the support, technical and risk management teams. The rest goes towards maintaining the balance in the AlgosOne Reserve Fund as well as paying out compensation on losing trades.

While costs are negligible, AlgosOne’s institutional-grade algorithms are earning substantially. The profit percentage that a user earns depends on their trading tier. At higher tiers, users will receive compensation on losing trades and  pay lower commissions on profitable trades. It is also worth noting that commission fees have already been calculated into the profit percentages that appear in the trading table for each tier. 

As we can see, Algosone is offering professional-grade AI software to both professional  and beginner  traders, even if they only have a couple of hundred dollars. Why not give the 14-day risk-free trial a go? Users can Open an AlgosOne account here!


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