Cool Cats’ Leap from NFT Artistry to Coffee Roasts

Cool Cats' Leap from NFT Artistry to Coffee Roasts

Cool Cats’ Venture from Animation to Aroma 

Cool Cats meteoric rise to fame, marked by a staggering 28.5 million viewers during its parade debut, continues with an innovative blend of storytelling and consumer experience. The Milk Chug, brought to life by the voices of Maggie Lawson, Dan Stevens, and Zeno Robinson, and animated by Titmouse studio, has captivated over 300,000 viewers across multiple social media platforms.

In the series, the characters find themselves in a coffee shop, igniting a friendly competition over who brews the best coffee. Cool Cats cleverly weaves this narrative into the real world with the release of Chugs Classic Medium Roast Coffee Beans, coinciding with the premiere of the series’ second episode.

The NFT brand’s transition from blue-chip digital collectibles to a full-fledged character brand has been marked by a series of strategic partnerships and activations. Its instant sell-out of Macy’s merchandise collaboration and active participation in cultural events like “Art Basel” demonstrate its growing influence.

As it expands into the anime market with collaborations with Animoca Brands Japan and San FranTokyo by KLKTN and explores new ventures in gaming, it continues to cultivate a global community of fans, which notably includes prominent figures like Reese Witherspoon, Bill Murray, and Steve Aoki.


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