Com2uS Holdings launches mobile RPG game with “Dear, Ella” on new XPLA Mainnet

Com2uS Holdings launches mobile RPG game with “Dear, Ella” on new XPLA Mainnet

Global game developer and publisher Com2uS Holdings has launched their next mobile PRG game with “Dear, Ella” on its new blockchain mainnet XPLA. The mainnet is a hub for all media content built by Com2uS Holdings and other global partners featuring Web3 philosophy.

Commenting on the launch, the President of Com2uS USA Inc., Kyu Lee, said:

“With our deep knowledge of crypto and the Web3 sphere, we are pleased to advance the evolving GameFi sector. In 2022, we launched several new crypto projects to the world and we’re encouraged and delighted to be a part of this ever-transforming landscape.”


About the new mobile RPG game

The new mobile game is hero and journey-based and allows players to make strategic use of their blockchain skills. The game also features competitions and a token economy. Players will also be able to earn “crystals” which can then be traded on XPLA.

The game also features non-fungible tokens (NFT) minting and NFT earning.

Players can earn in-game currencies from a variety of quests, adventures, rewards, battles and more. They can also create heroes during gameplay using NFTs, which can then be used in battles and parties.

“Dear, Ella” aims to become an awakening system, guild system and two types of new content as well as new NFTs and NFT staking components, and other additional features in 2023.

Com2uS Holdings also expects the game to unlock a range of partnerships. The company’s president said:

“With the launch of XPLA come many new collaborative partnerships which will enhance the blockchain gaming world with more entertainment options and myriad user benefits as a result – it’s a win-win for developers and players alike.”

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