Cardano Founder Gives Crucial Update On The Chang Fork

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In a significant development in the Cardano blockchain ecosystem, the voting process for the Interim Constitutional Committee (ICC) began on June 13, marking a pivotal step towards the governance model restructuring under the upcoming Chang hard fork. The voting, which allows ADA holders to select three new members for the ICC, is conducted through the Summon Platform and will conclude on June 23, covering Epochs 491 and 492.

The ICC plays a crucial role during the technical bootstrapping phase of the Chang hard fork, tasked with upholding the interim constitution and ensuring that Governance Actions align with its mandates. The election results are set to be announced on June 26.

Cardano Founder Shares Key Update Amid Criticism

Amid this pivotal governance update, Pi Lanningham, CTO of Sundae Labs—a Cardano-based project—expressed reservations about the current voting process, particularly concerning the non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) surrounding the draft constitution.

Lanningham argued, “I am explicitly not voting on the ICC election until IOG void all NDAs regarding the draft constitution.” He criticized the approach of Input Output Global (IOG), the development company behind Cardano, suggesting that their strategy might amplify concerns rather than quelling them, giving rise to unnecessary controversy.


By restricting open discussions around the draft, Lanningham believes that IOG inadvertently fuels conspiracy theories and heightens community discord. He expressed, “The Cardano Community at large does not have a great track record for nuance around complex topics […] However, trying to NDA these early drafts is having the opposite effect, in my opinion; It is amplifying the concern, and handing the conspiracy theorists ammunition.”

This statement underscores a broader concern that secrecy could be counterproductive, especially in a decentralized ecosystem where community trust and participation are paramount. Lanningham further criticized IOG’s approach to handling early drafts and suggested alternative methods that could foster a healthier dialogue about the evolving governance structure.

He proposed that IOG should proactively discuss the motivations behind controversial provisions and the rationale for their inclusion, thus preemptively addressing potential controversies rather than reacting defensively. He argued that embracing potential controversies could reduce speculative noise and build a more resilient governance framework.

Responding to the criticism and the ongoing community debate, Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano and CEO of IOG, provided an update indicating that the comprehensive governance package, including the fork-ready candidate node, the guardrail contract, and the interim constitution, would likely be released soon.

“My understanding is that the whole package was going to be released with the release candidate node. So that’s the fork ready candidate, the guardrail contract, and the interim constitution. I’d bet on or before Friday,” Hoskinson wrote.

Chang Hard Fork And The ICC

The Cardano Constitution—currently an informational off-chain document as per CIP-1694—is intended to capture the core values of Cardano and ensure its long-term sustainability. It highlights a vision where the constitution may evolve into a smart-contract driven framework.

Meanwhile, the ICC is designed to act as a guardian of this constitution, with mechanisms in place to replace it through specific governance actions if necessary, reflecting a robust and flexible governance framework aiming for both accountability and adaptability.

As Cardano approaches the Chang hard fork, the dynamics within its community and the unfolding governance model continue to be of critical importance. The outcomes of the current voting and the subsequent integration of the interim constitution will likely have long-lasting impacts on the blockchain’s operational and governance landscape.

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