Bull Run Hits Pause Button Until Next Halving


In the aftermath of the groundbreaking approval of Bitcoin ETFs, the cryptocurrency landscape is undergoing a period of introspection, with Bitcoin finding stability in the vicinity of $42,000. The initial euphoria that accompanied the ETF approvals has subsided, prompting a contemplative phase marked by strategic maneuvers and intricate market dynamics.

Blockchain analytics firm Santiment has provided insights into the pre-ETF climate, uncovering a fascinating dance among Bitcoin’s major players. It discovered large wallets engaging in a shuffle of older coins at an accelerated pace.

Deciphering Bitcoin’s Motives

This strategic reshuffling caused the average age of these holdings to plummet, leaving analysts to decipher the motives behind such maneuvers. Some interpret it as a tactical profit-taking move, capitalizing on the recent surge in prices, while others speculate that it could be a strategic play to position for an impending bull run.


Santiment, however, issues a note of caution, suggesting that the whale waltz might have concluded for now, injecting an air of uncertainty into the prevailing bullish narrative. Amidst this near-term dissonance, whispers of market stability are beginning to emerge among seasoned traders.

A ‘Mega Bullish Event?’ 

Analysts such as Michael van de Poppe perceive a “mega bullish event” on the horizon, pointing to the $600 million net inflow on the ETF’s first day as a mere prologue to the unfolding narrative. This sentiment reflects the belief that the true impact of the ETFs is yet to be fully realized, and the market may be on the cusp of a more significant development.

Bitcoin currently trading at $42,704 on the daily chart: TradingView.com

Meanwhile, the options market contributes its own cryptic signals to the narrative. Greeks.Live, an options analytics platform, reveals a discordant melody with a substantial $120 million, equivalent to 16% of all block trades on that day, directed towards short-term put options.

This bearish chorus suggests a prevailing sentiment of caution among investors. Yet, a closer inspection of larger block trades, exceeding $5 million, reveals a different rhythm. Some prominent players seem to be orchestrating a short-selling sonata through put options, while smaller investors harmonize with a cautious counterpoint, purchasing the very same contracts.

As Bitcoin finds a temporary resting place just under $43,000, it seems that the exhilarating bull run has momentarily hit the pause button, echoing the sentiment of a market in contemplation. The recent ETF approvals and the strategic ballet of whales have added layers of complexity to the crypto narrative.

So, as Bitcoin takes a breather, we await the signals that will determine the direction of the next leg of this remarkable journey, pondering whether the pause button is merely a brief intermission before the resumption of the bull run, possibly awaiting the next halving event to set the stage for renewed excitement and market fervor.

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