Bitcoin Transaction Volumes Hit New Highs Amid Signs Of A Supply Shock

Bitcoin supply shock

Despite the Bitcoin price failing to properly clear the $43,000 resistance over the last week, it has not stopped investors from taking their positions in the digital asset. According to reports, the Bitcoin transaction volumes have reached their highest points in almost two years, showing a willingness from investors to enter the market even at elevated prices.

Bitcoin Sees Elevated Transaction Volumes

Data from The Block has shown that Bitcoin continues to witness elevated trading volumes, culminating in new yearly highs in January. According to the chart, these elevated trading volumes began on October 2023, which coincides with the time when anticipation around a potential Spot Bitcoin ETF approval first began.

From October 2023, the Bitcoin transaction volumes saw a steady climb, with each month recording higher volumes than the last. Then, to start out the year 2024, January would smash all of 2023’s records as transaction volumes rose over $1 trillion in a single month.

These elevated transaction volumes are a testament to the positive sentiment that has followed the Spot Bitcoin ETF approvals. This is coming despite lower transaction numbers on the blockchain compared to the months of November and December. This shows that larger volumes are being carried across transactions.


One firm example of the accumulation that has been going on with BTC is the number of coins that Spot Bitcoin ETF issuers are currently buying. As NewsBTC reported, these issuers bought up more than $1 billion worth of Bitcoin in a single week, amounting to over 20,000 BTC accumulated.

BTC bulls push price above $43,000 | Source: BTCUSD on

BTC Heading For A Supply Shock?

Given the headwinds that are being recorded in the market, it is not a far shot to say that Bitcoin could be headed for a supply shock. With tens of thousands of BTC being taken out of circulation, the pioneer digital asset could be headed for one of the most impactful supply shocks it has ever seen.

Now, while supply shocks can either be positive or negative for the price depending on the flow, Bitcoin’s current trajectory points to it being more positive. Data also show that the active BTC supply has fallen to new record lows over the last few months, suggesting a willingness among investors to hold rather than sell.

Amid all of this, as massive buy trends among institutional investors continue, the available supply is only going to keep falling. As this rapid fall continues, the supply shock will see the price skyrocket in response to the low availability of BTC left for sale. In this case, the price of BTC could rise as high as $50,000 before the supply begins redistributing once more.

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