Bitcoin SV Pumps 60% As AI Altcoin Reaches $7.8 Million

Bitcoin SV Pumps 60% As AI Altcoin Reaches $7.8 Million

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Bitcoin SV (BSV) has surged by 60% as InQubeta, an AI altcoin, has successfully raised $7.8 million in its ongoing presale. InQubeta’s success in the presale, raising over $7.8 million in a gradually thawing crypto winter, points to its potential for growth.

Bitcoin SV Sees New Highs

Bitcoin SV is mainly built for big business applications. It has gone through many changes like the Quasar Protocol Upgrade in July 2019 which made blocks as large as 2GB.

The big increase in BSV’s price has been very noticeable, with its gains every month reaching 82% and more than $770 million being spent on trading it. South Korean investors have been a big part of the rising trend. They make up 65% of BSV trading volume on Upbit, which is South Korea’s biggest exchange.


Even though its creators claim it’s connected to Satoshi’s vision, BSV has had problems. This includes 51% attacks happening more than once. The rise in BSV’s price is part of a wider increase in the crypto market. Also, Bitcoin has reached its highest point for 20 months now.

The rise in BSV’s price shows that people are positive about the crypto market and how rules might affect it.

The Successful InQubeta (QUBE) Presale

InQubeta (QUBE) stands as a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform tailored for AI startups aspiring to redefine how these projects secure funding and interact with their communities.

The QUBE token, an ERC20 token with deflationary characteristics, serves as a medium of exchange on the platform. It empowers users to invest in AI startups and participate in the NFT marketplace.

InQubeta introduces an inventive approach, allowing the minting of investment opportunities as NFTs. These NFTs can be listed on the platform for QUBE token holders to invest in. This way, the project crushes all barriers to entry into the AI sector for investors without huge amounts of capital to risk, while also making it easier for AI-based blockchain projects to secure funding seamlessly. 

Currently in its stage 6 presale, the project has reached a milestone, raising over $7.8 million, with over 92.96% of the tokens already sold. 

The QUBE token provides a distinctive and promising avenue for those interested in fostering the progress of AI technology startups. Its deflationary mechanism, triggered by a 2% tax on purchase and sale transactions, channels fees to a dedicated Burn wallet, gradually reducing token supply to enhance long-term value.

 Additionally, a 5% sell tax fuels a specialized reward pool, encouraging investors to engage in token staking for decent returns.

According to a recent research report by Next Move Strategy Consulting, the global artificial intelligence market is expected to grow by over twentyfold from its current value of nearly $100 billion to hit about $2 trillion by the year 2030. 

With the anticipated significant growth in the AI industry, the demand for AI tokens, including QUBE, may see an increase in the coming years.


InQubeta Presale | InQubeta Communities


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