Bitcoin Halving: Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Identifies Upcoming Event As A Pivotal One


Robert Kiyosaki, Japanese-American entrepreneur and acclaimed author of the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” has revealed his optimistic outlook for the Bitcoin Halving event expected to take place in 2024.

Bitcoin Halving Positioned As A Critical Financial Event

On Thursday, January 4, Robert Kiyosaki took to X (formerly Twitter) to express his optimism about the upcoming Bitcoin halving event. The acclaimed author has stressed the need to pay attention to the upcoming event as it will be a financial game-changer for people.

In the X post, the author underscored one of the major reasons for his belief that the poor and middle classes will always be poor. According to him, he believes this is due to the kind of people a person surrounds himself or herself with.

Kiyosaki asserted that the poor remain poor because they surround themselves with “poor friends and family.” The business mogul initially pointed out that he was hesitant to reveal his reason, but he believes it is crucial to share his thoughts.


Robert Kiyosaki further expressed the importance of keeping rich friends and the outcome of doing so. “If anyone desires to be rich they should keep wealthy friends or at least friends who aspire to be rich,” he stated.

Kiyosaki loves to post about this type of topic frequently to his 2.4 million followers. However, the financial-related post was followed by an unexpected turn of events.

The author also took time out to speak about the impending Bitcoin halving event and advised his fan base to keep an eye on it. This is no surprise as the author has been urging his followers to invest in the crypto assets leader.

In addition, he has advised his followers to also look out for gold and silver in 2024. ” Please pay attention to Bitcoin halving, Gold, and Silver in January, February, and March,” he stated.

This is because he believes that this set of assets will see a significant surge in 2024 and the next few years. In addition to his investment advice, Kiyosaki also warned the entire community to be “cautious” when choosing friends.

5 Distinct Phases For The Upcoming Halving

Bitcoin Halving is anticipated to happen on April 22, 2024, which is less than 110 days from now. This marks the fourth time that the event will take place since it was introduced.

The halving will cut the rewards of miners in half, resulting in less BTC being introduced into the market. It will decrease the quantity of Bitcoin that will be released from 6.25 to 3.25.

Rekt Capital, a cryptocurrency expert, has provided insight into possible market dynamics before and after the Bitcoin halving. He has highlighted five distinct phases to the road towards the halving, each with its results for investors and the market as a whole.

According to the analyst, the phases include the Pre-halving period, Pre-halving rally, Pre-halving retrace, Re-accumulation, and Parabolic uptrend.

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