As Analysts Back Kaspa for Top Entry After 1800% Rise, Could This Bitcoin Alternative Mirror Kas Success

As Analysts Back Kaspa for Top Entry After 1,800% Rise, Could This Bitcoin Alternative Mirror KAS Success

Kaspa (KAS) continues trading near record levels after recently breaking 400 sats for the first time.

KAS has exploded over 1,800% this year, with the current market cap around $2.8 billion and the coin trading around $0.13. This is close to its all-time high from a few days ago of just above $0.14.

According to analyst Cryptographur, KAS remains resilient after setting an all-time high, currently sitting just 7% off its peak. This comes on the heels of KAS decisively surpassing 400 sats in its Bitcoin pairing, a previously uncharted milestone.

What’s driving this meteoric rise? A recent Nov. 20 analysis by CryptoJon suggests growing interest and awareness around the Kaspa project itself. Kaspa’s mainnet launched earlier this year and has seen steady adoption.


CryptoJon claims much of the hype is based on Kaspa’s future outlook. If it succeeds as a fast, cheap cryptocurrency network, its market cap stands to substantially increase over the long-term. While volatility can be expected short-term, proponents see major upside potential down the road.

As Kaspa gains more users and developers over the next few years, the fundamental value of the network strengthens. The current excitement and price explosion could just be the beginning if adoption continues rising. That potential is why Cryptographur predicts Kaspa could join the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap and remain there “for good”. 

Kaspa is an innovative blockchain project that combines the security of proof-of-work with high block rates and fast confirmation times. It utilizes the GHOSTDAG protocol to enable rapid transaction processing. As a scalable, efficient peer-to-peer cash system, Kaspa is considered a competitor to Bitcoin.

Could Bitcoin Minetrix See Similar Growth to Kaspa?

With over $4.2 million raised already in its presale, Bitcoin Minetrix continues to generate hype as a promising crypto investment. Could this project become the next explosive success story in the making?

Bitcoin Minetrix aims to provide secure, transparent cloud mining through a decentralized platform. By tokenizing the process, users can stake BTMCMTX tokens to earn credits for mining BTC.

The presale consists of 10 rounds, with each round seeing a 10% price increase. Bitcoin Minetrix has already entered stage eight after garnering over $4 million in presale funding. This positions the project as a potentially lucrative crypto investment opportunity.

Those purchasing now can take advantage of the current stage eight price of $0.0117 per token. As the presale progresses, the price per token will continue increasing by 10% each round. So this is the most affordable entry point available at the moment.

How Bitcoin Minetrix Works

The main innovation of Bitcoin Minetrix is its decentralized cloud mining solution. This addresses common issues like expensive hardware costs and lack of transparency faced by retail crypto miners.

Users purchase and stake BTCMTX tokens to gain cloud mining credits – ERC-20 tokens ensuring a secure, transparent mining experience. These credits are later redeemed for BTC cloud mining time, enabling everyday investors to access Bitcoin’s block rewards.

According to Digiconomist, Bitcoin mining currently consumes around 127 TWh annually – comparable to the energy used by entire nations. Bitcoin Minetrix provides a more sustainable approach. Its decentralized staking and cloud mining mechanism significantly reduces hardware requirements and energy consumption.

Marketing Efforts

In addition to heavy advertising across major crypto news sites, Bitcoin Minetrix recently received a positive review from influencer Joe Parys Crypto (360,000 YouTube subscribers). As marketing efforts expand, Bitcoin Minetrix is attracting attention as an easy entry into crypto mining.

Here is the token allocation:

42.5% funds BTC mining operations
35% goes towards marketing and community growth
15% allocated for community rewards
7.5% for staking rewards (until mining platform fully launches)

With mining made affordable and early token prices low, Bitcoin Minetrix offers strong upside for early investors. Staking also generates yields up to 195% APY currently.

As the platform develops, locking BTCMTX tokens in a smart contract will grant access to cloud mining credits and Bitcoin block rewards. This decentralized approach ensures security while providing a simplified mining experience.

While Kaspa makes targets to become top10 crypto globally, Bitcoin Minetrix is building steam as the next big thing in cloud mining. With an innovative platform, stacked marketing, and low token prices, Bitcoin Minetrix checks all the boxes of a potentially highly lucrative crypto investment.

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