AlgosOne Can Help Investors Trade Better With the Bitcoin ETF Induced Volatility

AlgosOne Can Help Investors Trade Better With the Bitcoin ETF Induced Volatility

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The US approval of the Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) represents a huge step forward for mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. Traders wishing to capitalize on this new mode of investing in the world’s most dynamic asset-class, and an artificial intelligence (AI)-based trading bot could become a great support for this.

To examine how an AI trading solution can become an efficient way to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the  Bitcoin ETF, we’ll use the example of

AlgosOne is a recently launched machine learning (ML) crypto trading algorithm, with its new proprietary technology. AlgosOne has developed its own deep learning, neural networks, which it has combined with next-generation large language models (LLMs). The algorithm is designed to make digital asset trading accessible to both beginners and experienced users. To start using the bot, users need to register and deposit funds and the AI does everything else, without requiring any programming, research, analysis, strategy development, risk management, wallet creation, or trade execution. 


Portfolio Diversification

The Bitcoin ETF will provide access to price shifts on Bitcoin futures contracts but crypto market exposure will be limited. In contrast, with AI trading algorithms users can benefit from automated trading on a vast array of cryptocurrencies. 

AlgosOne trades established crypto assets and up-and-coming altcoins, as well as a range of additional asset types, from stocks and commodities to bonds, forex and indices. This will be one of the ways for  Bitcoin ETF traders to mitigate  risks with a diverse portfolio and benefit from opportunities on a large array of assets.

Mitigated Risk

Any time a trader dips a toe into crypto waters they are exposed to a high-risk environment characterized by under-regulation and extremely high volatility. While trading a Bitcoin ETF is inherently lower risk, the sophisticated AI trading platforms, including AlgosOne provide an array of tools with automated risk management including measures like stop and limit orders, caps on the percentage of a balance that can be allocated to a single trade, and hedging.

At AlgosOne, unlike almost every competitor, there is also a human risk management team, monitoring the algorithm 24/7 with the ability to intervene in the case of an extreme market event, a technological issue,  or a bias in the AI bot. 

As a licensed company, AlgosOne further ensures user accounts by complying with tough regulatory requirements like the maintenance of a reserve fund to provide coverage for all user balances, separation of user and company accounts, identity verification procedures, as well as strict technological guardrails to protect against external breaches. 

AlgosOne’s ML capabilities mean it is continuously learning from its experiences, the data it ingests, the positions it opens and its interactions with users. It is constantly refining its risk management parameters in line with shifting market conditions to reinforce the security of the crypto portfolio.

High-Frequency Trading

One of the biggest advantages of using an AI trading solution to trade the Bitcoin ETF and other assets is that it can work with a speed and overall efficiency that a human could never match. 

AlgosOne is trained on a massive array of data sources, in multiple languages, including economic news, social media feeds, financial reports, on-chain data, historic price data. 

Working at lightning-fast speeds, the algorithm processes and analyzes a wealth of real-time data, and is able to respond to short-term price fluctuations in milliseconds to generate profits across numerous markets simultaneously.

Minimized Costs 

AlgosOne makes institutional-caliber AI trading technology widely accessible. Users can benefit from trading the Bitcoin ETF and a wide selection of other assets at  low cost, because AlgosOne has no sign up, deposit or transaction fees.

However, there is a commission fee charged on winning trades, the profit from which go back into running the platform, providing compensation on losing trades, and maintaining the balance in the AlgosOne Reserve Fund.In addition, AlgosOne enables users to fund accounts with as little as $300.  

A Bigger Bottom Line

The main priority for crypto traders is always going to be profits, and the ability of an AI to execute a huge volume of trades simultaneously,  makes it possible to make more deals than manually consequently generating more opportunities for profits.

In fact, as the AI continues to generate profits for an account, its ML capabilities ensure that it improves over time. The AI’s trading record indicates that it  can achieve a trade win rate of over 80%.

At AlgosOne, the amount that you earn, daily or annually, will depend on your trading tier, which is based on the size of your deposit. It’s worth noting that the profit predictions for each tier already have commissions fees factored in. 

The trading tier will also determine the percentage paid in commissions and earned in compensation, as well as the number of each type of trade made on the users behalf. Some are known as auto-approved trades and others are 1-click trades.

For all trades, AlgosOne decides the asset, direction, timing, trade size, and risk parameters. However, for 1-click trades, the user will be sent a notification with an APPROVE button. They will be required to click it to activate the trade. To automatically trade using AI on the changing price of the Bitcoin ETF and a massive selection of additional assets, you can register with AlgosOne via the website or app.


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