$2.1B In Bitcoin Seized By German Police From Piracy Ring

Bitcoin German police

In a groundbreaking operation, German authorities have secured a staggering sum of nearly 50,000 Bitcoin, valued at approximately $2.1 billion, in what is unfolding as the nation’s most substantial cryptocurrency seizure to date. The collaborative effort, spearheaded by the Dresden Public Prosecutor General’s Office, the Saxony State Criminal Police Office, and the Leipzig II tax office’s investigation department, marks a significant milestone in the battle against digital crime.

German Police Makes Historic Bitcoin Seizure

The operation, bolstered by the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and a Munich-based forensic IT expert firm, led to the voluntary transfer of the seized Bitcoin to a government-controlled wallet. This action is part of an ongoing investigation targeting two key figures, a 40-year-old German man and a 37-year-old Polish man, associated with a major German piracy portal active until May 2013.

The individuals are suspected of engaging in the commercial unauthorized exploitation of copyrighted works, a violation of the Copyright Act, and subsequent commercial money laundering activities. The Public Prosecutor General’s Office in Dresden conveyed that the seized Bitcoins are currently held provisionally, indicating that the final decision regarding their fate is still pending.

Notably, the case has garnered significant attention due to the magnitude of the seized assets and the complexity of the legal and financial implications involved. On January 17, 2024, the crypto community was abuzz with speculation as a ‘whale‘ was reported to have transferred around 50,000 Bitcoin. This move initially sparked concerns about potential market fluctuations due to the significant volume involved.


The revelation that the ‘whale’ was, in fact, the investigating authorities in Saxony added a dramatic twist to the narrative. The Bitcoin, acquired through the profits of the now-defunct streaming site “movie2k.to”, had been converted from advertising revenues into the cryptocurrency, a strategy that proved financially astute as the value of the BTC appreciated dramatically over the years.

What Happens To The BTC Now?

The disposition of the confiscated Bitcoin is a matter of intense speculation and legal deliberation. While certain federal states in Germany have regulations necessitating the immediate sale of seized assets akin to perishable goods, Saxony’s stance on this matter remains under examination.

The rightful claimants to the value of these Bitcoin, whether they be the defrauded rights holders from the film industry, the Free State of Saxony, or potentially even the defendants, are subjects of a complex legal debate that is expected to unfold over time.

Patrick Pintaske, spokesperson for the Dresden Public Prosecutor’s Office, acknowledged the myriad of questions surrounding the case but emphasized that the final decisions rest with the court. The timeline for these legal proceedings remains uncertain, as evidenced by related cases still in progress, including the fate of approximately 2,500 BTC seized in a related operation back in 2019.

At press time, BTC traded at $43,403.

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