$115M Liquidated in 1 Hour as Crypto Market Plunges; $GFOX Presale Hits New All-Time High

$115M Liquidated in 1 Hour as Crypto Market Plunges; $GFOX Presale Hits New All-Time High

The crypto market hasn’t had the best start to 2024. This has affected many altcoins, and investors are confused about the best cryptos to invest in. Reports show that the market experienced $115m liquidation in an hour, further decreasing the market’s total value. However, some altcoins still show positive prospects amidst this challenging period. 

Experts believe they may improve holders’ portfolios in the long run. Galaxy Fox is one of these altcoins. The new meme coin presale keeps progressing regardless of the market state. $GFOX recently hit a new high, sending optimism to existing adopters. New investors now scramble to join the meme coin’s presale. 

Galaxy Fox: Profit-yielding ICO Amidst Crypto Market Plunge 

Galaxy Fox is a trending presale meme coin with excellent prospects. The new token is gradually becoming prominent, with investors seeing it as one of the best cryptos to invest in currently. 

$GFOX aims to be a market success. It will achieve this by entering the crypto landscape with features and functionalities that position it for top performance. The fox-themed meme coin will have P2E functionality while maintaining its meme culture. 


Galaxy Fox could be amongst the few successful crypto projects to combine meme and P2E functionalities. The meme coin’s own will be different because of strong community backing, developers’ dedication, and utility beyond its ecosystem. $GFOX thrive won’t be localized. Instead, it will spread across web3 space, making it a significant token to every stakeholder in the space. 

The Galaxy Fox’s ecosystem P2E mechanics will see $GFOX rival top gaming tokens like MANA, AXS, SAND, and GALA. $GFOX aims for a better performance than these tokens had in the previous year, and it looks set to achieve it. Despite the crypto market plunge, analysts believe the GameFi sector will improve drastically this year. Hence, the prediction that $GFOX could be the next P2E sensation is seemingly likely. 

$GFOX facilitates the P2E game in its ecosystem. It’s used to purchase boosters and NFTs to improve gameplay and serve as a reward for top performers. Ecosystem members can also earn passive income by staking $GFOX token. Outside of its ecosystem, $GFOX is expected to be a payment option, a reward, and a token of value. The booming meme coin is deflationary, meaning that it will experience periodic token reduction. This will contribute to $GFOX value appreciation. 

$GFOX initial coin offering (ICO) is among the best currently, yielding over $2.7 million. It is set to hit a $3 million high soon and could end above $7 million. The exciting thing about the ICO is the value of the $GFOX presale token. 

The value is currently at a considerably low point, but has a high possibility of skyrocketing when it enters the retail phase. However, the periodic increase in this value indicates that the profit margin may keep reducing with every delay. Investors are urged to be proactive. 

Celestia ($TIA): Another Altcoin Weathering Current Market Storm

$TIA is another cryptocurrency that can help investors escape the effect of this liquidation. The altcoin has been impressive, with over 20% return in the past week. While its recent run has been on a downtrend, analysts believe it’s still one of the best cryptos to invest in at the moment. 

The price of $TIA set a $20.26 all-time high a few days ago and hopes to return to the price level and beyond soon. The cryptocurrency is hovering around $19.00-$20.00 price point, with current support around $18.20. 

Experts believe that $TIA is another option that can help investors get through this plunge. The crypto displays high profitability and strong resistance to the bear pressure. $TIA is expected to gain momentum again, and investors can have something to cheer about when it does. A finish above $50 by year-end looks possible, according to analysis by keen observers. 


The crypto market liquidation is clearly having negative effects on the market. With many altcoins declining over the past few days, the buzzing $GFOX presale and $TIA look like the best cryptos to invest in now. Galaxy Fox presale presents an excellent profit-making opportunity amidst this market uncertainty, and smart investors are well-positioned to take full advantage.

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